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Supporting a State Governmental Organisation with the management of their staff, the maintenance of their assets and natural environment.

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About Queensland Parks & Wildlife Service

Located in Queensland, Australia, Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service (QPWS) is an entity of the Department of Environment and Science within the Queensland Government. QPWS’s purpose is to protect specific wildlife zones and manage public facilities within Queensland as well as ensuring biodiversity while making places available for outdoor activities. This mission implies a high level of organisation and maintenance to preserve all the parks to protect the flora and fauna of Queensland.

The Challenge

The governmental organisation required better visibility and management of their operations. With approximately 700 Rangers, 350 contractors and 44,000 assets to manage and maintain, Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service needed a solution to centralise all their operations safely and manage both their workforce, equipment and facilities in real time. With a consequent amount of assets to manage, QPWS was after a solution powerful and granular enough to allow them to track assets like bollards or equipment, to roads, buildings and managing natural disaster zones.

The Solution

With years of experience in the Field Service and Asset Management sectors, Loc8 was able to provide QPWS with a highly powerful and tailored solution including; advanced integrations with third party application such as SAP, custom portals for firearms tracking, extensive regions, budgeting and forecasting features. After finalising the project and implementing Loc8 to their processes, Queensland Parks and Wildlife were finally able to fully manage all their  operations as a seamless and flawless ecosystem.

The Result

The biggest impact from both a documented process and an on the ground operational perspective is the movement from a paper-based system to a real-time digital based solution. This transition allows to create an improved and more efficient operations strategy with increased time spent on critical in-field work. The solution provided allows
for a constructed broader picture across not only individual operational teams but right up to the state management level.

For the first time, QWPS’s mobile workers now have real-time updates and view of the assets in their vicinity with any outstanding jobs or newly created defects. Unforeseen issues can be reported on the move without delay. The digitisation of asset movement, use and condition greatly improves the audit time and resource cost. The solution
delivered to QPWS was designed to automatically calculate when assets have been sighted and flag outstanding assets for inspection.

Loc8 has become a critical component to QPWS’s operations across all levels of authority to manage the asset portfolio, providing whole of life management and resource allocation to improve the efficiency of available equipment while minimising unnecessary replacement and maintenance costs. Over time, the solution will highlight gaps and trends across the state, identifying problem areas and reacting to risk-based issues instantly with increased visibility of the whole of operations at every management level.

The collaborative approach by both Loc8 and Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service will continue to improve the product solution well into the future. Direct access to key personnel will ensure growth on both sides and ultimately provide a superior solution to all users and ultimately the Queensland public who continue to enjoy the beautifully and expertly maintained facilities.

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