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Spotlight seamlessly manages rapid expansion with Loc8

Loc8 spotlight case study
Loc8 spotlight case study
Loc8 Field Service Software

About Spotlight

Spotlight is Australia’s largest chain of fabric, craft and home interiors super stores. With 110 stores and 600 staff in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore it provides millions of customers with a huge range of fashionable products at the most competitive prices.

The Challenge

Spotlight needed to manage the increasing complexities associated with rapid expansion including:

  • Greater oversight on loss prevention, assets, risk management and maintenance issue; and
  • Operating dual help desks integrating all asset and maintenance tasks across Spotlights Australia-wide business operations.

“Loc8 is the only solution that equally balances help desk functionality with asset management to allow intelligent leverage of the information contained for each component.”

Simon Hemus – IT Support Manager Spotlight Australia PTY LTD

The Solution

Loc8’s Private Cloud Enterprise asset & help desk management solution;

  • Providing scheduled and reactive asset management Loc8 improved loss prevention, asset oversight and maintenance management coordination; and
  • With the ability to integrate dual help desks across multiple asset classes Loc8 was the perfect choice for Spotlight

Loc8 in Action

From a humble beginning in 1970’s Melbourne, Spotlight had grown to 110 stores domestically and internationally by 2010. Its emphasis on customer service facilitated rapid expansion primarily in Home Interiors, Dress Fabrics and Craft & Haberdashery. In addition professional buyers, operations personnel, marketing managers, financial officers and information technology teams support this vast business.

Encountering a problem common to businesses of similar origins, Spotlight realized it needed a more strategic and proactive approach to rapid growth. Specifically Spotlight was confronted with an ever-expanding retail asset portfolio, complex IT infrastructure and a helpdesk call centre that was inundated.

Loc8, with its predictive maintenance and failure management features, provided Spotlight with the perfect solution to manage its retail assets and IT infrastructure while concurrently reducing help desk congestion. The procurement of Loc8 was also a strategic win for Spotlight helping its rapid relocation of head office, across Melbourne, by using Loc8 to track its assets during the move.

In addition, the Spotlight Risk Management Division have implemented Loc8 using the Helpdesk for building and fixtures faults together with ESM (Essential Safely Measures) Inspections on all Spotlight sites. This single, common software system reduced costs, training overheads and lost productivity associated with organizational change management.

An imminent head office move within Melbourne also required the company to track its assets prior to relocation; again Loc8 was the perfect solution.

More on the problem

Loc8’s web 2.0 asset maintenance and help desk solution was chosen after an extensive business and technical evaluation through a competitive bid program. The aim was to proactively manage the location, status, faults and maintenance of over 23,000 items in Spotlight’s asset register, as well as inspections on over 110 stores.

These included business critical retail support systems such as cash registers, point of sale technology and computers. Furthermore, Spotlight’s Risk Management group, who undertakes critical inspections and scheduled maintenance of compliance related assets, required a unified and integrated solution, and with Loc8 they got it all.

Spotlight utilises a range of Loc8.com’s core features including:

  • Asset management.
  • Help desk incident and problem management.
  • Reactive maintenance management.
  • Subcontractor management.
  • Scheduled & planned maintenance for inspections using tasks & activities.
  • Reporting & data analysis.
  • Multiple system tenants and business unit reporting

Stay in control & never lose track of your assets with Loc8 Enterprise

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