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Loc8 increases efficiency within Local Councils

Loc8’s intuitive Asset Management system helps Local Councils drive efficiencies and improve services to constituents

Loc8 for local governments - Jobs & Asset Management platform
Loc8 for local governments - Asset Management for Local Councils

Asset Management for Local Councils

Loc8 makes it easy for local councils to take control over any physical asset, from roads and highways to bridges and buildings. Therefore making it easier for them to gain better visibility, greater control and improved decision making around important assets, their lifecycles and maintenance schedules.

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Improving Maintenance Operations and Planning with Intelligent Budgeting Capability

Loc8’s innovative budgeting features offer users the ability to set Maintenance and renewal budgets across multiple data sets such as regions and locations, they can also be based on work types, asset classes or a combination of sources, including regions, work type and asset class. Budgets automatically calculate the estimated cost of maintaining assets based on existing work, future projects and configured planned maintenance schedules. If the planned maintenance exceeds the available budget, operators can create data models that allow scenarios to be tested to reduce maintenance activity to meet budgetary constraints.

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Loc8 for local governments - Improving Maintenance Operations
Loc8 for local governments - Integrate Best of Breed Systems

Work Seamlessly and Efficiently across multiple Platforms

Local Councils run multiple systems to ensure the ongoing provision of services to constituents. As such, Loc8 integrates with Financial, GIS and Enterprise Resource Planning systems such as SAP, Oracle, Dynamics and ESRI GIS.

Loc8 provides all of our Local Council customers with access to our public API, ensuring that data can be shared quickly and easily. Loc8 also provides custom API based integrations to larger customers and state / local councils.

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Job Management and Field Service

Loc8’s unique Service Supply Chain solution allows asset owners, such as Local Councils, to greatly improve the way they work and collaborate with their service providers and contractors. Once Loc8 is implemented, asset owners and service providers can interact in real time. Users gain insights over all assets, maintenance plans, jobs, status, contractor locations and OH & S compliance. This greatly improves service levels, cuts costs and saves time for all involved. Less phone calls, less paperwork and easy access to previous work and completed jobs.

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Loc8 for local governments - Job Management and Field Service
Loc8 Field Service Software

Software for the Local Government FAQ’s

  • Yes, Loc8 provides multiple templates as out of the box options. We can also assist if you are time and resource poor.

  • Yes, Loc8 Mobile users will be presented with a risk and safety assessment, SWMS or JSA and can’t proceed until they have been completed as required by your business.

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