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Asset Maintenance solution for Not-for-Profit

Loc8 is the platform that frees your hands and lets you focus on what truly matters for your business.

Loc8 for not for profit organisations - Jobs & Asset Management platform
Loc8 for not-for-profit - Good Corporate Citizen Program

Good Corporate Citizen Program

At Loc8, we appreciate the commitment of not-for-profit companies and we support their inspiring projects. We believe that all businesses regardless of their size, field or revenue should be able to provide good service without being slowed down by operational and administrative obstacles.

In recent years, we have deployed systems to companies such as LifeFlight, Communities@Work and various other care organisations. The GCC program is highly valuable for these businesses as it provides the Loc8 platform to them and their teams under a free-for-life licence with no contracts, demands or requirements from Loc8.

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Streamline your operations

If you are a not-for-profit business, you will find in Loc8 some valuable benefits that will allow you to fully focus on your core activity. From our platform, you can easily prove to your customers that you have met the compliance, safety and SLA standards. You can also manage all your jobs, staff and subcontractors and receive real-time updates straight from your Loc8 app. So, stop chasing information and let it come to you!

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Loc8 for not-for-profit - Streamline your operations
Loc8 for not-for-profit - Know all your assets, know your customers

Know all your assets, know your customers

Track physical assets virtually
By creating an asset structure in Loc8 that matches the physical location of real-world assets, you can easily find and maintain them when you arrive on site.

Save time – standardise and re-use asset types
Loc8 has a robust, hierarchical asset type mechanism that allows you to not only standardise the types of assets you maintain but also manage the information you put on them as well as the preventative schedules you run against them.

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Planned and automated maintenance

All your maintenance planned and automated
Automatically generate task-based work orders for assets based on location and required maintenance frequency. Reacting quickly when a customer calls is one thing, but planning ahead is a game changer.

Smartly automate your asset maintenance procedure
Create condition and event-based rules to automate your operations. Do you need to automatically notify someone when an asset fails, or perhaps set an asset to inactive when a parameter is updated? No worries.

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Loc8 for not-for-profit - Planned and automated maintenance
Loc8 for not-for-profit - Compliance and long-term sustainability

Compliance and long-term sustainability

Compliance management across suppliers and contractors to provide powerful data collection for contract review, tender preparation, as well as owner-focused reporting for risk management, activity supervision, and service level monitoring.

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Software for the Not-for-Profit Industry FAQ’s

  • Loc8 Mobile gives in field workers the possibility to work offline. All work is being recorded and the data gets synchronised as soon as a connection is re-established, allowing workers to work from anywhere.

  • Yes, it is definitely possible! Loc8’s smart contractor portal allows users to create their specific field users and assign them to jobs that they have been allotted.

  • Yes – Loc8 allows its users to entirely customise and standardise the type of assets they maintain, the info that is put on them and the preventative schedules that are run against them.

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