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Improve the reputation of your business by boosting your customer service.

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Automated messages

With Loc8 you can ensure that your customers are informed at every stage using our automated messages. Each Loc8 system contains predefined automation rules, and when enabled you can automatically send messages to your customers. Automatically send a notification message whenever a quote is created, an appointment has been scheduled, a technician is en-route or a job has been completed.

Available on the Loc8 Professional plan.

 Customer communication automated messages
 Customer communication message templates

Message templates

Safe time by creating a template for e-mail messages that you frequently send. Using Loc8’s pre-defined message templates you can customise specific email templates or add a custom message to be used for notification.

Available on the Loc8 Professional plan.

 Customer communication branded

Personalise all correspondence

Loc8’s comprehensive software enables you to brand all outgoing messages sent to your customer. You can add your company name, phone number and other business details to each message you send. You can also add your logo to all quotes, invoices and job reports generated from your Loc8 system.

Available on the Loc8 Professional plan.

Free support with every plan

Our friendly team of experts are here to assist you at any time, to help you get the most of your Loc8 system. Your questions won’t be left unanswered!

Loc8 support
Customer communication personalise correspondance

Keep your customers informed with work reports

Share work reports or job summaries with your customers in just a few easy clicks. Your customer can view work reports using a live web view, which can be branded using your company logo and details. They can drill into each work report to understand exactly which tasks were performed on-site and by who. They will also be able to see how much time was spent traveling vs working. Keep your customers informed and happy with Loc8’s customer communication features.

Available on the Loc8 Professional plan.

Customer records

Store all your customer records in the one place with Loc8. Keep a record of all communication with your customers, job history, notes, photos, quotes and invoices. And it’s all accessible in just a few easy clicks. Spend less time looking for customer records and more time focusing on your business.

Available on all Loc8 plans.

Customer communication customer records
Customer communication customer portal

Customer portal

Increase customer satisfaction by providing your customers with a dedicated login page to create their own jobs and/or view their assets. From the customer portal your clients will have the ability to report problems, which will then automatically create a job in your Loc8 system.

Available on the Loc8 Professional plan.

Customer communication FAQ’s

  • Yes, with Loc8 you are able to maintain a transparent relationship with your customers and keep them informed via the customer portal. Learn more here.

  • It is a solution, that allows businesses to organise their jobs, finances and teams. Gathering those three components into the same app allows businesses to be more proactive, reduce costs and deliver better service to their customers.

  • On our Professional plan you can create as many users or technicians as you like. On our Core plan you can create up to 2. Visit our pricing page to learn more.

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