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Quoting software

With Loc8 you’ll be able to create and send professional quotes straight to your customers in just seconds.

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online approval

Online quote approval

With Loc8 your customers will be able to easily view and approve quotes via a web link sent straight to their email address.

Available on all Loc8 plans.

Approved quotes instantly create new jobs

Once your customer has approved a quote, a corresponding job can be easily created in your Loc8 system ready for you to schedule and assign.

Available on all Loc8 plans.

Quoting software create new jobs
Quoting software professional quotes

Professional quotes

Creating professional quotes is a breeze with Loc8’s quoting software. You can upload your logo, include your company address, phone number and email address with our highly configurable quotation templates.

Available on all Loc8 plans.

Free support with every plan

Our friendly team of experts are here to assist you at any time, to help you get the most of your Loc8 system. Your questions won’t be left unanswered!

Loc8 support

Complete quote history

Need to review a previously sent quote? No problem. Loc8 ensures all previous quote versions remain intact and unmodified for later review.

Available on all Loc8 plans.

Quoting software quote history
Quoting software eliminate paper based quotes

Eliminate paper-based quotes

Paper-based quotes are easy to misplace and time consuming for you to create. Transition to Loc8’s online quoting software to eliminate the need for a pen and paper to create your quotes. You will also save billable hours with Loc8’s configurable quotation templates. And each quote generated from Loc8 has a unique auto-generated quote number, enabling you to easily distinguish between estimates.

Available on all Loc8 plans.

Quoting software FAQ’s

  • No, with Loc8 you are able create as many quotes as required on all of our plans.

  • Yes. Loc8 allows you to integrate with financial software Xero & QuickBooks to help you streamline your business operations. Learn more

  • Absolutely! You can email a quote directly to your customer where they can simply view and approve it quickly and easily.

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