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Intelligent business reporting

Understand all aspects of your field service business with Loc8’s powerful reporting tools.

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Reporting software

View the data you want, when you want

With Loc8’s business reporting feature you will be able to keep track of your business and access data in real-time. Make decisions about your business with confidence knowing that your reporting data is accurate and up-to-date.

Available on all Loc8 plans.

Reporting dashboard

Get an instant overview of your business operations with Loc8’s ready-to-go reporting dashboards for quotes, jobs, invoices, assets and workforce. Instantly understand how different aspects of your business are performing with our built-in reports.

Available on all Loc8 plans.

Reporting software dashboard
Reporting software detailed info

Need more detailed reporting?

Loc8’s business reporting feature is highly customisable and can be configured to suit your business needs. Delve into the finer details with Loc8’s custom export templates and customise your reports so you see the information that is most important to you.

Available on the Loc8 Professional plan.

Free support with every plan

Our friendly team of experts are here to assist you at any time, to help you get the most of your Loc8 system. Your questions won’t be left unanswered!

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Easy to understand business reports

Get a better understanding of the ins and outs of your business by viewing data in a way that makes sense to you. Our intelligent and highly configurable reports display data in bar charts, area charts, pie charts and tables. Valuable information about your business in just a glance.

Available on all Loc8 plans.

Reporting software easy to understand reports
Reporting software export job data

Export data

With Loc8 you can export quote, job, invoice, asset and workforce data straight into a csv or pdf file, and create your own custom reports. You can also extract the data within a certain date range, a region, a specific customers, the asset type, the job type and much more. Loc8’s powerful exporting functionality can be customised for any business based on their reporting needs.

Available on all Loc8 plans.

Reporting FAQ’s

  • Yes, a complete overview of the job, including customer contacts, site details, tasks and all of the appointments set up for that customer is available via live web view or print. Learn more

  • Yes, Loc8 is web-based software which is also available via dedicated and native Apple (iOS) and Android mobile applications, ideal for your in-field workers.

  • Yes, when your business requirements grow, you can easily upgrade at any time. To see which plan is the most suitable to your business look at the feature comparison table.

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