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Task management software for tradies

Ensure consistency and quality of all jobs with pre-defined task and sub-task lists.

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Task Managment Software Daily Overview

Stay on track with a complete overview of your daily tasks

Using the Loc8 Mobile App all your technicians can view a list of all their tasks whilst in field. As they finish each task they can check it off, or if a task is unable to be fulfilled they can create a follow-up rectification task.

Available on all Loc8 plans.

Real time updates across all devices when in-field

Create task-based work orders with explicitly defined tasks and sub-tasks on the go with our task management software.

Available on all Loc8 plans.

Task Managment App Instant Updates
Tradie task managment software templates

Save time with Loc8’s smart task library

Task templates allow you to save your task list and related tasks so it can be reused easily. You can also add, customize or delete a task template with Loc8’s field service task management software.

Available on the Loc8 Professional plan.

Free support with every plan

Our friendly team of experts are here to assist you at any time, to help you get the most of your Loc8 system. Your questions won’t be left unanswered!

Loc8 support

Make complex jobs a breeze with sub-task templates

Make it easy for your technicians to complete their more complex tasks by configuring sub-task templates! Each sub-task template corresponds to a task template.

Available on the Loc8 Professional plan.

Task Management Software Sub Task Templates
Task Management App Record Photos

Record details of each and every task

Need to record photo evidence of a completed task? No problem. With Loc8 you can easily upload photos, attachments, detailed notes and comments next to each task. And you can even share the information with your team and customer.

Available on all Loc8 plans.

Task & sub-task list FAQ’s

  • Field service management (FSM) software is the management of a business’s resources in the field, rather than on company property.

  • Our Core plan is free for up to 2 users or technicians, and our Professional plan incurs monthly fees based on the number of people you have active within your Loc8 workforce. Learn more

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