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Loc8 for fire safety inspectors - Job scheduling software


Schedule, assign & complete jobs

Make your job management processes easy and start your day with a very clear overview of your workload. Use the Loc8 web or mobile app to quickly create an appointment that suits your customer’s availability. Dispatch one or more technicians or sub-contractors using custom region and trade based assignment in calendar or quick scheduling modes.

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Stay on top of every job with real time updates

At any time, your field technicians get real-time notifications of any new or updated appointments and can action them immediately or when they’re scheduled. If tasks are incorrectly assigned, simply reassign them in-field. All changes are visible across the entire cloud-based system in real time.

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Loc8 for fire safety businesses - create jobs in mobile app
Loc8 for fire safety industry - Locate your assets map


Know all your assets & know your customers

Just after lunch, take the time to track all your physical assets virtually by using Loc8 to create an asset structure that matches the physical location of the assets you maintain in the real world. This way, you can easily find and maintain them when you arrive on site.

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Organise & automate maintenance

Always be one step ahead of the game with Loc8’s powerful preventative maintenance feature! Automatically generate task-based work orders for assets based on location and required maintenance frequency. Reacting quickly when a customer calls is one thing, but planning ahead is a game changer.

Automate your asset maintenance procedures! Create condition and event-based rules to automate your operations. Do you need to automatically notify someone when an asset fails, or perhaps set an asset to inactive when a parameter is updated? No worries.

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Loc8 for fire safety industry - Locate your assets
Loc8 for fire safety industry - Assets & compliance


Compliance and long term sustainability

Finish off your day by conducting compliance management across your suppliers and contractors with powerful data collection for contract review, tender preparation, and owner-focused reporting for risk management, activity supervision, and service level monitoring.

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How real-time visibility is changing the Fire industry?

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Loc8 Field Service Software

Software for the Fire Safety industry FAQ’s

Can I also manage subcontractors via my Loc8 system?
  • Yes. Loc8 allows various parties from different companies to safely communicate and share data about assets. Restrictions can be given to users and all data gets updated in real-time.

  • Based on your business size and requirements, Loc8 offers four different editions: Lite, Pro, Pro+ and Enterprise. To find out what edition would be the most suitable for your business, take a look at the features comparison table.

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Loc8 is used by many service businesses and some of the most demanding enterprise asset owners and facility managers around the world.