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Loc8 for electrical trades Job scheduling software

Start the day by scheduling, dispatching & completing appointments

Get simple job management processes and stay on top of every job with real-time updates. Your electrician teams are notified in real time of new and updated appointments, allowing them to action the tasks immediately or when scheduled. If a task was assigned to the wrong electrician, it can easily be reassigned in-field. All changes are visible across the entire cloud-based system in real time.

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Manage your team and define task & sub task lists

Ensure each job is done correctly at the start of the day! Create task-based work orders with explicitly defined tasks and sub-tasks on the fly, which can then be stored and managed via a dedicated task library for later use. Loc8 is a powerful solution for mobile meaning that you can action each and every task in-field using detailed notes, result outcomes, and photos. If a task can’t be completed, simply log it as failed or create a follow-up rectification task.

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Loc8 for electricians Define task and sub tasks
Loc8 for Electricians Quoting software app

Take on more jobs by quickly creating quotes

Create and send quotes based on estimated on-site time, travel, and inventory usage with our software for electricians. You can also create quotes based on tasks from the task library or create new ones in-situ. Share the quote with your customer using a live web view that is branded using your company logo and details, and optionally allow them to approve or decline the quote online.
Review and update quotes as required! If a quote is declined or needs to be revised, simply view it so you can make modifications to the new version of the quote. All previous versions remain intact and unmodified for later review.

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Get paid right away

Before your busy day ends, use Loc8’s smart & powerful invoice generator! Bill your customers for any work that’s been completed, whether it’s a simple switchboard replacement task or an extensive rewiring job. If you have multiple work orders that have been completed but are yet to be invoiced, you can easily add them to a single invoice. Pick all work orders or even just one or two appointments from each job.

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Invoicing software - Invoice your customers on the spot and reduce delays
Loc8 Field Service Software

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Software for Electricians FAQ’s

Is the Loc8 App available for Android and Apple devices?
  • Yes. The Loc8 Mobile App is available on both Android and Apple (iOS) devices.

  • Yes. Loc8 allows you to integrate with financial software Xero & QuickBooks to help you streamline your Electrical business. Learn more

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