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Easily schedule, assign & complete appointments

Start the day by streamlining your job management processes! Use the Loc8 web or mobile app to create appointments based on your customer’s availability. Conveniently dispatch your HVAC technicians or sub-contractors using custom region and trade-based assignment via either calendar or quick scheduling modes.

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Define task and sub task lists

Next step, ensure all jobs are done accurately! Through Loc8, you can create task-based work orders with explicitly defined tasks and sub-tasks on the fly, or store and manage them via a dedicated task library for use again in the future.

Log each and every task while in-field with detailed notes, result outcomes, and photos. If completing a particular task is not possible, simply fail it or generate a follow-up rectification task.

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Mobile ready solution designed for field

Nearly lunch time! Before that, check if you need to change a status, or update an ID in-field. Or maybe you need to shift an asset to another site? Either case, no problem. Easily view asset tasks by filtering via asset (searchable by ID, name or barcode scan), asset type (e.g. all fire extinguishers) or task type (e.g. perform re-gas). Also, you can easily add more tasks in-field as you discover them.

Many times, when completing one task, another rears its head, which often costs more money or is impossible to fix right away. In such case, all you need to do is simply create a rectification task and repair immediately or generate a quote with our software for HVAC businesses.

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Keep track of your finances, charges and costs

Your work day is about to end, you’ve assigned, dispatched, quoted and invoiced now also make sure that you are on top of your cash flow! Specify whether to charge for tasks, time and travel on each work order. As work progresses, you can compare costs against the initial estimate and projected values to make sure you will be making money.

Define invoice templates with specifics such as on-site time, travel, callout charges, tasks and inventory. Associate templates with customers to automatically create a quote or work order when required.

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Loc8 Field Service Software

Software for HVAC businesses FAQ’s

Can I run my Loc8 system on both mobile and desktop?
  • Yes, you can. Loc8 is a web-based solution which comes with a powerful mobile application, specifically created for infield work.

  • When your business and asset management requirements grow, you can upgrade to either Pro, Pro+ or Enterprise at any time. To see which edition is the most suitable to your business, checkout the features comparison sheet.

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Loc8 is used by many service businesses and some of the most demanding enterprise asset owners and facility managers around the world.