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Make your job management operations simple

Start the day nice and easy! Create appointments that suit the customer’s availability using the Loc8 web or mobile app. Use it to dispatch technicians or sub-contractors through custom region and trade-based assignment, either in calendar or quick scheduling mode with our job management solution for carpenters.

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Define specific task and sub-task lists

Once your jobs are scheduled for the day, ensure the work is executed properly by creating task-based work orders on the fly with explicitly defined tasks and sub-tasks, or store and manage them via a dedicated task library for future use.

Action each and every task in-field along with detailed notes, result outcomes, and photos. If your technician fails to complete a task, you can create a follow-up rectification task or simply mark the task as failed.

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Job mangement solution for carpenters - Define task and sub tasks
Loc8 for Carpenters - Quoting software

Create and generate more quotes

Seems like your customers have a few additional jobs for you today! Create and send quotes based on estimated on-site time, travel, and inventory usage. Alternatively, you can create quotes based on tasks from the task library or create new ones in-situ.

Share the quote with your customer using a company logo-branded live web view, and give them the option to approve or decline the quote online.

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Closely monitor your finances, charges & costs

Specify whether you need to charge for tasks, time and travel on each work order. As work progresses, you can compare the initial estimates, quotes and projected values to make sure you will be making money.

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Quoting software professional quotes
Invoicing software - Easily convert completed jobs into invoices

Cash flow under control with templates

Define templates that specify the items that need to be charged, e.g. on-site time, travel, callout charges, tasks and inventory. Associate the template with the customer, and your quotes, work orders and invoices will be created accordingly.

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Software for the Carpentry industry FAQ’s

Does my carpentry business really need a job management app?
  • If you want to be more efficient, streamline your operations, reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction, a job management solution like Loc8 is the answer. Get started with our job management app.

  • Yes, Loc8 offers an easy and smart integration with financial software Xero. Check it out.

  • Yes, Loc8 offers a smart and easy integration with financial software QuickBooks. Learn more.

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