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Easily Manage your Jobs with our Handyman Service Software

Loc8’s Job Management Solution is the Handy Tool you can simply pop in your Tool Kit

Schedule, assign and complete jobs

All your days should start with a quick and easy overview of all your jobs. Make your job management an easy process by quickly creating appointments that suit your customer’s availability through the Loc8 web or mobile app. Use calendar or quick scheduling modes to dispatch your team of handymen using custom region and trade-based assignments.

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Calendar filters
Task details

Built for field & ready mobile solutions

Fly through the day with Loc8’s powerful mobile solution! Need to update an ID in-field or change a status? Need to shift an asset from another site? Need to make a new asset available as per your customer’s requirements? Worry not! You can view asset tasks simply by focusing on one asset (searchable by ID, name or barcode scan), asset type (e.g. all nail guns) or task type (e.g. replace window frame). You can also add more tasks in-field as you discover them with zero hassle.

One job leads to another! When completing one task, another one often rears its head. This costs more money, or sometimes is impossible to fix right away. During such times, you can simply create a rectification task and repair immediately or generate a quote.

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Quote on the go

Job requests never stop when you are a handyman! Make job quoting processes easy and generate quotes based on estimated on-site time, travel, and inventory usage or create one based on tasks from the task library. You can also create new ones in-situ. Share the quote with your customer using a live, company-branded web view, and optionally allow them to approve or decline the quote online.

Review and update your quotes as required! If a quote is declined or needs revision, simply create a new version of it for modifications. All previous versions will remain intact and unmodified for later review.
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Learn more about quotes generation

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Invoice Payment Notifications

Keep track of your finances, charges & costs

Before clocking off, make sure you are on top of your cash flow. Specify whether to bill for tasks, as well as time and travel on each work order. As work progresses, compare the costs against the initial estimate or quote and projected values to make sure you will be making money.

Create templates with detailed items like on-site time, travel, call out charges, tasks and inventory. Associate the template with the customer, a quote or work order and invoices will be created accordingly with our handyman service software!

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Tools down!

We know handymen can do a lot, but let Loc8 take care of your jobs, financial, reports and customer satisfaction.

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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ’s for Handyman service software

  • Yes, the Loc8 Mobile App is suitable for both iOS and Android.

  • On our Professional plan you can create as many users or technicians as you like. Visit our pricing page to learn more.

  • Our Professional plan incurs monthly fees based on the number of people you have active within your Loc8 workforce. Learn more

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