Asset management apps and small business

August 15, 2017
Loc8 Insights Asset management apps and small business

One of the largest sectors to be hit by the digital space in recent times is Asset Management. Its digitisation was inevitable, moving away from an analogous and manual model to a more automated and digitized one.

The need arose when it was noticed that a lot of time was wasted in being a reactive service rather than a predictive one, where issues concerning down-time were tackled after they occurred. Asset management apps integrate several aspects of maintenance service – from the tools and parts, to the workforce and right up to the customer. With digitized workflows and work orders, the in field staff save a lot more time and thereby increase efficiency and decrease workload. In case something isn’t in order with the plan, one doesn’t need to go through the entire workflow from top to bottom, they simply check on their smart device (tablets etc.) and find the glitch.

Additionally, no extra human resources are required to monitor and intervene for the given task. For small businesses, efficient time management plays a critical role as the more time they can shave off each job, the more business they can squeeze into their monthly targets.

Most Asset Management apps allow the user to track tools and parts along with their resources. So directives can be given in real-time based on the required visible data. This saves the trouble of hiring experts to do the same and thereby renders the need to spend on it, redundant. You may be sitting at work or on a beach and you could monitor all your assets with ease. Meaning, the parts to be serviced can be tracked alongside the staff and can be matched based on availability and distance. From the workforce’s perspective, they may generate reports with a click and send them off to the necessary recipient- either the client or to their organization. This ensures that no time is spent on creating otherwise tedious reports.

Another advantage is that quite a few of the customers themselves use such platforms. This makes it very simple to integrate through the APIs so that they can access and make bookings straight into the system. These apps are a well-rounded system that increases management capabilities on the whole and relieves a considerable amount of stress from the on-field team. A digitized app that can also be availed for free is definitely something a small or medium business will benefit from.

Often times a small business consists of a minimal team where each member has a lot of responsibilities in terms of building the business and acquiring clients. Having a digital assistant that helps manage work orders, schedules reports and asset tracking allows one to diversify their efforts into other aspects of the business.

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