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Property & Facility Management

Control & monitor your facilities, assets & resources

Optimize facilities management processes and manage your facilities more effectively with Loc8’s facility management software.

Property and facility management software

Need a Small Business Solution?

Check out Loc8 for SME

Contractor Management

Keep track of your Contractors

Loc8’s advanced Contractor management functionality doesn’t just let you keep track of your contractors, but also allows them to keep track of assigned jobs, workforce, scheduling and more. Never again be caught out not knowing the progress of a job.

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Contractor management
Customer portal and management

Customer Portal & Management

Visibility and control. The pillars of success

Provide your customers the visibility to view their outstanding jobs, check the performance of their assets and more with Loc8’s Customer Portal functionality. Manage your customers better than ever before while also deliving elevated customer experience and stand out from the crowd.

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Tenant Request Form

Powerful forms that are available 24/7, so you don’t have to be

Using the power of web forms, Loc8 can give you the ability to allow your tenants to report issues or request maintenance any time of the day. With a simple and configurable hosted form that will create jobs for you and not headaches, you can rest easy knowing all your bases are covered.

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Loc8 Web Forms & Work Requests
Loc8 Compliance & Certification

Compliance & Sustainability

Manage certifications, licenses and more

Loc8 will allow you to take control of your compliance, certification and sustainability management to take the stress out of the process. Easy to use and easy to configure, you’ll feel better knowing that everything is taken care of.

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What else can Loc8’s facility management software do?

Real-time Updates

Send important messages to your team; let them know when they’re scheduled to attend a job, changes to appointments and so much more – all updates are instantly received, in real-time!

Tasks & Sub-Tasks

When you create a job you can detail the activities to be performed via tasks and sub-tasks. Add comments, photos and outcomes against individual tasks for review and invoicing.

Mobility & Flexibility

With Loc8 Mobile, you have complete ownership of the jobs you create for customers, from start to end.

Analyse & Share Reports

View activity reports for all major workspaces such as quote and job activity, appointment punctuality and so on.

Financial Insights

Gain insight into activity, progress and profitability against individual customers, sites, assets, projects and jobs.

Customer Portal

Provide your customers with a login to Loc8 so they can view job progress in real time.


Define a list of trades and select which apply to each person in your workforce, including contractors. Once applied you can easily refine who can be assigned to a job based on the trade requirements of the job itself.


Upload and track certifications or other documents against your workforce and customers.

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