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All the features of Core, plus all of the features needed to deliver the highest standard of customer service.

Work request inbox
Customer notifications
Configurable document templates
Customer portal access
Task and inventory library
Multiple job assignees
Priorities and service levels
Contractor management
GPS location history
Advanced configuration
Reporting integrations
Basic addons


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All the features of Professional, plus access to Enterprise level support, business integration and delivery services, and extended addon access.

Account manager
Service delivery manager
Ticketed support
Developer tools
Enterprise delivery options
Enterprise access control options
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Job managementAccordion Indicator
Schedule and assign jobs
Schedule and assign jobs to your workforce, including optional trade, certification and regional matching. Structure your jobs with tasks, or keep them simple with just a description. Once completed, it's just one click to invoice.
Assign and dispatch jobs to your workforce via appointments, with optional notifications sent to your customer regarding attendance and resolution
View, schedule and reschedule all active appointments in daily, weekly, monthly or assignee views
View all jobs on a map
When you create a job you can detail the activities to be performed via tasks and sub-tasks. Add comments, photos and outcomes against individual tasks for review and invoicing.
Task library
Define a comprehensive library of tasks that you regularly perform, including default charge rates, sub-tasks, trade requirements and more. Easily select from the library when adding tasks to any job or quote.
Inventory library
Define a comprehensive library of inventory items that you regularly use when carrying out work for your customers. Easily record inventory used on each job from the library.
Follow-on jobs
Create a follow-on job from an existing job in order to split out remaining tasks, divvy up responsibilities, or simply close off a job whilst retaining follow up activities for a later date
Multiple assignees
Assign your jobs to more than one person at a time, including mixed assignment such as one supervisor, one contractor, and one internal technician
Priority and service levels
Define start by and due by dates for jobs, and set service level warnings and notifications to ensure you complete work inline with standing agreements with your customers
Associate multiple jobs together under a single project in order to define broader time lines and logical groupings of work
Customer engagementAccordion Indicator
Keep track of your important customer details including their sites and locations, contacts, outstanding invoices and quotes, open jobs, appointments and much more
Manage your entire quoting process from within Loc8, including real-time customer approvals. Easily scope the quote using tasks, on-site time and travel time estimates, and then if approved create a job from the quote in one click.
Manage your entire invoicing process from Loc8, with free integration with Xero, QBO or MYOB. Create progress invoices for work-to-date on a job, or invoice all chargeable items on job completion.
Work request inbox
Automatically create quotes or jobs when your customers send you requests for work
Customer notifications
Notify your customers when your technicians are en-route, on-site or have completed their jobs
Configurable messages
Configure the layout and style of the messages and notifications you send to your customers
Configurable message templates
Set up pre-formatted and pre-written messages to send to your customers either manually or automatically
Configurable document templates
Configure the layout, style and contents of all documents you send to your customers, including quotes, jobs, invoices and field service reports
Configurable charge templates
Configure how you charge your customers on a per-customer basis, whether it's exclusively for completed tasks, on-site time, travel time or a combination thereof
Customer portal access
Provide your customers with a login to Loc8 so they can view job progress in real time
Physical asset management (EAM)
Track, manage, map and maintain your customers' physical assets using Loc8's extensive asset management tools
Physical asset maintenace schedules
Automatically create, assign and dispatch jobs to perform preventative maintenance activity against customers' physical assets
On-site problem reporting
Allow your workforce to report problems identified in the field, whether it's a random issue or against a physical asset or customer site. Easily generate resolution jobs to manage follow up activity.
Workforce and accessAccordion Indicator
Users and technicians
Add everyone in your internal workforce as either users or technicians. Both can log in to Loc8 browser or mobile, however technicians are only able to view and complete the jobs they've been assigned to. Users and technicians can also be configured with varying pre-configured permission levels as required.
1 userNo limitVolume
Add your external workforce to Loc8 as contractors so that they can be assigned to jobs. Optionally purchase the Contractor portal addon to provide the ability for them to log in.
No limitVolume
Appointment calendar
Assign and dispatch jobs to your workforce via appointments, with optional notifications sent to your customer regarding attendance and resolution
Appointment map
View all jobs on a map
GPS location history
View the location history for users and technicians logged in to and actively using the Loc8 mobile app. *Note: It is possible for people to turn off location tracking on their devices according to standard personal privacy controls.
Define a list of trades and select which apply to each person in your workforce, including contractors. Once applied you can easily refine who can be assigned to a job based on the trade requirements of the job itself.
Upload and track certifications or other documents against your workforce and customers
Contractor portal access
Provide your contractors with a login to Loc8 so that they can view and complete jobs they've been assigned to. In addition, contractors with portal access may add their own users and technicians in order to provide a truly integrated real-time field service solution for your entire workforce.
Regionalised access
If you're also using the Regionalisation addon, you can associate everyone in your workforce to individual regions and by doing so restrict the customers, quotes, jobs, invoices and assets they can see and action to those that fall within their corresponding regions.
Custom access levels
With the customer access levels addon, you may create and associate everyone in your workforce to custom access control groups, effectively controlling most features and access across the Loc8 platform, such as create or read-only access, restricted financial visibility and so on.
Reporting and exportingAccordion Indicator
Activity reports
View activity reports for all major workspaces such as quote and job activity, appointment punctuality and so on
Generate read-only public share links for any quote, job, invoice, asset or site and share it with anyone
Exporting data from Loc8 is easy and powerful. You can export individual quotes, jobs, invoices or assets, or export in bulk using advanced filtering to define exactly what data you want to export
Cost tracking
Alongside the ability to track charges for logged on-site time, travel time, tasks and inventory usage, you can also track internal costs, effectively forming the basis for profit and loss / margin reporting at the job, customer, site or whole-of-system levels
Insight dashboards
Gain insight into activity, progress and profitability against individual customers, sites, assets, projects and jobs
Budgeting and forecasting
Building on Loc8's comprehensive cost tracking functionality, using the budgeting and forecasting addon you have the ability to define budgets against customer sites or regions, effectively providing both a wrap up of operational costs and a forecast of upcoming costs as determined by any active physical asset maintenance schedules
CustomisationAccordion Indicator
Custom fields
Expand upon Loc8's standard fields and create your own custom fields and field groups for quotes, jobs, assets, sites and your workforce in order to standardise and track any data required by your business.
Custom lifecycles / statuses
Expand upon Loc8's standard statuses and create your own to provide more granular control over job and asset lifecycle management.
Custom types and templates
Expand upon Loc8's standard quote, job and asset types with your own to standardise and match the operational processes and data structures within Loc8 to those already in place within your business
Custom workspace views and filters
Create and save your own views using extensive field-based filtering, sorting and grouping. Views can be personal or shared across your workforce.
Define geographical regions using GeoJSON mapping data, and then automatically associate the regions to your customers, customer sites, quotes, jobs, invoices and workforce based on their locations. Where a regional association exists you can then easily view, action and report against data that exists within any given region. In addition, you may use regions to refine job assignment by matching jobs to your workforce who typically only work in certain regions.
Configure advanced automation rules to customise the behaviour of Loc8
AppsAccordion Indicator
Loc8 for iOS and AndroidTickTickTick
QuickBooks OnlineTickTickTick
MYOB (Coming soon)TickTickTick
Zapier (Coming soon)TickTickTick
Domo (Coming soon)TickTick
Power BI (Coming soon)TickTick
Google sheets (Coming soon)TickTick
Onboarding and supportAccordion Indicator
Import toolsTickTickTick
Chat based supportTickTickTick
Knowledge baseTickTickTick
Ticketed supportTick
Account managerTick
Service delivery managerTick
24x7 supportOptional
Enterprise deliveryAccordion Indicator
Custom domainOptional
Single sign on (SSO)Optional
Encryption at restOptional
UAT environmentOptional
High throughput APIOptional
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