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Fixed Asset Tracking Software

Asset Tracking Software to improve Asset Maintenance and Performance

Track your assets, manage asset life-cycles and easily plan maintenance.

Need a Small Business Solution?

Check out Loc8 for SME

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Track Assets

Track your Assets – Wherever, whenever.

You need to keep track of where your assets are, we want to help you do that. Using the power of built-in Google maps and advanced regionalisation, we can get you from where you are right now in your asset management journey to where you need to be. Trusted by asset owners all around the world, you’re in safe hands with our solution.

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Excel, meet recycling bin!

Eliminate the need for spreadsheets

Sometimes it seems like Excel can be the simplest way to manage your assets. We’re here to tell you that it isn’t. What if we can provide you a solution that is as easy to use and understand as an Excel spreadsheet, but far more functional and provides you with nearly unlimited customization options as well as combining maintenance and automation? It’s time to introduce Excel to the recycling bin and meet Loc8.

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A Completely Customized Solution

Assets, your way

We get it. You’re not like any other business. You have unique needs, wants and processes. We want to enable you to do that. That’s why we believe in ultimate configurability and customisation. Want to track unique sets of data? No problem, we have the functionality for you do that via custom fields. Business isn’t one size fits all, but we are.

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Unlimited Support

Need a helping hand?

Navigating a new software solution can be difficult. Luckily, we’re here to give you a helping hand. Stuck on how to import your assets? No problem, we can help you with that. Need help configuring your asset structure or custom data? We’re on it. Whatever you need, we’re there for you. No more outsourced “training partners” or “configuration consultants”, Loc8 support is here to help.

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What else can Loc8’s Asset Tracking Software do?

Custom fields
Custom Fields

Expand upon Loc8’s standard fields and create your own custom fields and field groups for quotes, jobs, assets, sites and your workforce in order to standardise and track any data required by your business.

Region Management

Associate everyone in your workforce to individual regions and by doing so restrict the customers, quotes, jobs, invoices and assets they can see and action.

Lifecycle Notifications

Expand upon Loc8’s standard statuses and create your own to provide more granular control over job and asset lifecycle management.

Linear & Compound Assets

Manage all aspects of your linear and compound assets via the Loc8 system.

Asset Owner Management

Create assets for a physical objects that you maintain or manage for your customers easily with Loc8.

Custom Hierarchies

Easily replicate an asset hierarchy that reflects relationship between the highest level of physical object with its subordinate components.

Problem Management

Record and categorise different problems in-field and create the opportunity for a speedy resolution.

Problem Templates

Allow your workforce to report problems identified in the field, whether it’s a random issue or against a physical asset or customer site. Easily generate resolution jobs to manage follow up activity.

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