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Job Management Software

Manage jobs with speed and simplicity

Streamline your job, task and staff management operations with Loc8’s Job Management Software.

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Need a Small Business Solution?

Check out Loc8 for SME

Tasks & Forms

Ensure all jobs are executed correctly

Create task-based work orders with explicitly defined tasks and sub-tasks on the fly, or store and manage them via a dedicated task library for use again in the future. Action each and every task in-field with detailed notes, result outcomes, and photos. If a task couldn’t be completed, fail it or create a follow-up rectification task.

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Loc8 Mobile App Tasks&Forms
Loc8 Software Job Scheduling Screen

Job Scheduling

Ensure your team is always on time and instantly informed

Quickly create an appointment that suits your customer’s availability using the Loc8 web or mobile app. Dispatch to one or more technicians or sub-contractors using custom region and trade-based assignment in calendar or quick scheduling modes.

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Workforce Management

Stay on top of your workload with real-time updates

Field technicians will be notified in real time of any new or updated appointments and can action them immediately or when scheduled to. If it was assigned to the wrong person, it can simply be reassigned in-field. All changes are visible across the entire cloud-based system in real time.

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Loc8 Software Workforce Management
Loc8 Web Forms & Work Requests

Service Request Web Form

Get jobs in the door, anytime and anywhere.

With Loc8’s revolutionary integrated webforms, your business can now be accessible anytime, anywhere with just a web browser. They can be easily customised to suit your requirements, and it means that you can now get jobs coming through 24/7. Perfect.

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What other Job Management features does Loc8 have?

Service Level Agreement

Your customers demand the best, and Loc8 can help you deliver. Tailor job priorities to suit your business and your customers. Priorities can automatically set due by times, so you never miss an important job.


Get your team where they need to go when they need to get there. Assign one person or many, it is up to you.


Make organising appointments and jobs easy by using our clever calendar functionality. See where your team are or need to be at any time of the day, week or even month.


Need to plan your day according to where you’re going to be? Use our built-in mapping powered by Google maps to make organising your day pain free.

Task Library

​Build and customise your list of tasks to make it easier when creating and completing jobs. Add costs, forms, and trades to create a complete task library that you can easily add to jobs.

Trade Management

​Get the right person for every job with Loc8’s trade management smarts. Assign trades to users so you can get the job done the first time, every time. *In conjunction with Loc8’s task function.

Inventory Library

Whether you charge for inventory or just want to know what has been used on jobs, keep track with our inventory function. Build your inventory list or just add it as you go, ultimate flexibility!

Multiple Assignees Icon
Multiple Assignee’s

​Sometimes a job needs more than one person – Loc8 has you covered with multiple assignee’s on jobs. Need a plumber and an electrician on a job? No problem!

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