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Field Service Management

Comprehensive Field Service Software

Loc8 is the ultimate Field Management Software system that connects every part of your business on one simple, yet powerful app.

Field Service Management Software

Need a Small Business Solution?

Check out Loc8 for SME

Scheduling & Dispatching

Schedule and assign jobs with our easy-to-use software

Loc8 can help you do what you do best – getting the job done. Loc8 puts class leading scheduling and dispatch tools at your fingertips so you are always in control of your jobs and your team. With multiple ways to schedule including calendar and map based, you will always have the best view of your scheduling.

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Scheduling and dispatching FSM Software
Customer Management Software

Customer Management

Keep your customers informed

Share work reports or job summaries with your customers in just a few easy clicks. Your customer can view work reports using a live web view, which can be branded using your company logo and details. They can drill into each work report to understand exactly which tasks were performed on-site and by who. They will also be able to see how much time was spent traveling vs working. Keep your customers informed and happy with Loc8’s customer communication features.

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Contractor Management

Keep track of your Contractors

Loc8’s advanced Contractor management functionality doesn’t just let you keep track of your contractors, but also allows them to keep track of assigned jobs, workforce, scheduling and more. Never again be caught out not knowing the progress of a job.

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Contractor Management Software

See what else Loc8’s Field Service Software can do…


Get your team where they need to go when they need to get there. Assign one person or many, it is up to you.


Make organising appointments and jobs easy by using our clever calendar functionality. See where your team are or need to be at any time of the day, week or even month.


Need to plan your day according to where you’re going to be? Use our built-in mapping powered by Google maps to make organising your day pain free.

Inventory Library

Whether you charge for inventory or just want to know what has been used on jobs, keep track with our inventory function. Build your inventory list or just add it as you go, ultimate flexibility!

Follow-on Jobs

Sometimes one job can turn into many. This is where follow-on jobs come into play. Easily create follow up jobs from existing jobs and copy the data over. Less time spent on admin means more time getting the job done.​

Multiple Assignees Icon
Multiple Assignee’s

​Sometimes a job needs more than one person – Loc8 has you covered with multiple assignee’s on jobs. Need a plumber and an electrician on a job? No problems!

Priority & Service Levels

Your customers demand the best, and Loc8 can help you deliver. Tailor job priorities to suit your business and your customers. Priorities can automatically set due by times, so you never miss an important job.

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