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Asset Management Software

Track your assets with ease

Manage asset life-cycles and easily plan maintenance.

Asset Management Software

Track Assets

Visualise your assets for easier management

Loc8 uses Google Maps to accurately and conveniently pinpoint your Asset locations. With a familiar and easy to use interface, you will be able to see at a glance where your assets are and create maintenance plans to suit.

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Asset tracking software
Preventative maintenance software

Preventative Maintenance

Stay ahead with preventative maintenance

Automatically generate task-based work orders for assets based on location and required maintenance frequency. Reacting quickly when a customer calls is one thing but planning ahead is a game changer.

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Advanced Budgeting & Forecasting

Monitor, review and update budgets in real-time!

Easily create budgets for maintenance costs across asset class, location, regions and work type. Users can easily set up models and scenarios to improve forecasting and decision-making, helping to reduce costs and meet identified budget limits.

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Budgeting and forecasting software
Asset lifecycle management

Condition & Lifecycle Management

Automate your asset maintenance procedures

Create condition and event-based rules to automate your operations. Do you need to automatically notify someone when an asset fails, or perhaps set an asset to inactive when a parameter is updated? No worries.

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What else can Loc8’s Asset Management Software do?

Lifecycle Notifications

Expand upon Loc8’s standard statuses and create your own to provide more granular control over job and asset lifecycle management.

Custom fields
Custom Fields

Expand upon Loc8’s standard fields and create your own custom fields and field groups for quotes, jobs, assets, sites and your workforce in order to standardise and track any data required by your business.

Custom Hierarchies

Easily replicate an asset hierarchy that reflects relationship between the highest level of physical object with its subordinate components.

Problem Management

Record and categorise different problems in-field and create the opportunity for a speedy resolution.

Region Management

Associate everyone in your workforce to individual regions and by doing so restrict the customers, quotes, jobs, invoices and assets they can see and action.

Asset Owner Management

Create assets for a physical objects that you maintain or manage for your customers easily with Loc8.

Linear & Compound Assets

Manage all aspects of your linear and compound assets via the Loc8 system.

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