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Defect & Problem Management

Quickly & easily report defects in the field

Keep on top of your assets anytime, anywhere with Loc8 Defect and Problem management.

Defect and problem management software

Need a Small Business Solution?

Check out Loc8 for SME

See it, Report it, Resolve it!

Identify issues with your assets on the go, whenever and wherever

With Loc8 Problem management, your team can easily manage defects and problems with your assets on the go. See a problem? Report it and get it rectified easily and quickly. We even allow you to customise the process so you get the right information every time. Get the leg up on your maintenance planning and resolution management with Loc8.

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Problem reporting
Problem management mobile tool

Dedicated Mobile Tool

No more paper to go missing or finnicky spreadsheets

Use Loc8’s dedicated, intuitive mobile tool (available for iOS and Android) and it’s built in problem management functionality so your field team can report issues that they see without missing a step. Easy for them, even easier for you. The future of maintenance starts with Loc8.

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Problem Resolution Templates

Customise how you want problems to be reported

Loc8 allows you to customise the Problem reporting process with custom templates. Identify what pieces of information you need your team to gather when reporting a Problem, to make sure that you are correctly informed to action them.

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Defect resolution templates
Asset defect reporting

Asset Defect Reporting

Keep your assets performing at 100%

Whether you’re managing your own assets, or someone else’s, Loc8 will help you get the job done. Be proactive with your asset maintenance, identify problems before they become a headache. Your business (or your customer!) will thank you.

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Other Problem Management Software features

Asset Management

Track, manage, map and maintain your customers’ physical assets using Loc8’s extensive asset management tools.

Problem Templates

Allow your workforce to report problems identified in the field, whether it’s a random issue or against a physical asset or customer site. Easily generate resolution jobs to manage follow up activity.

Job Management

Schedule and assign jobs to your workforce, including optional trade, certification and regional matching.

Mobile Tool Suite

With Loc8 Mobile, you have complete ownership of the jobs you create for customers, from start to end.

Custom fields
Custom Fields

Expand upon Loc8’s standard fields and create your own custom fields and field groups for quotes, jobs, assets, sites and your workforce in order to standardise and track any data required by your business.

Alerts & Notifications

Send important messages to your team; let them know when they’re scheduled to attend a job, changes to appointments and so much more – all updates are instantly received, in real-time!

Document & Photo Capture

Accurately record evidence of attendance, GPS, photographic data, time-sheets and more.

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