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February 13, 2019
Loc8 Insights Software solutions to drive your field service business

Software solutions have forever changed the landscape of field service. From providing easier training to technicians through to streamlining resources and inventory based on predictive models, the influence of the digital age has never been greater upon the industry.

With so many advantages, perhaps you’ve considered or are even on the cusp of shortlisting a software solution to help streamline your field service business. Before you do here are a few key parameters to keep in mind while making your decision.

 Identify & outline your requirements

Determining your software requirements is the first, and probably the most important step towards finding out what will work best. For example, you may need a tool to simply track technician schedules or one to manage inventory and payments, or you might need one to do both. Be thorough while determining all the necessary features your new software solution should require. Make sure you consider all the processes and operational components of your business that the field service software should facilitate.

Keep it simple

While it is essential to include all necessary steps, it’s equally important to list and eliminate processes that are not crucial to track. For instance, if you’re managing a small team of technicians – maybe around 8 to 10 – you can reconsider implementing smart software to manage payments and rely instead on a smart accountant. If you make the mistake of adding too many steps and layers to your software solution, you are making it harder to use with little payout in the form of insights.

Make sure your hardware matches your software

The success of your software solution is equally dependent on the hardware that runs it. This is doubly true with field services. Always keep the needs of your technicians in mind when you choose a device. The screen size is an important deciding factor along with input methods. For example, technicians who use gloves may be better off with a touch screen tablet as opposed to a keyboard. It’s also wiser to invest in a software that works across various platforms, devices and operating systems, so as to not limit its use in real-world situations.

Get insights from end-to-end

An effective field service solution needs to take into account the needs and demands of everyone using it: from your back office, through to your managers and customers. Seek the insight of those who have firsthand experience with current protocols and how they can be streamlined using a digital solution. Sitting down with key managers, and executives will help ensure you are implementing software solutions only where it is beneficial.

One of the biggest mistakes you can make as a company starting out in the field service space is investing in the wrong software solution. Hopefully, these tips should serve as a good reference to help you narrow down on the software that is best suited for your business.

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