Five reasons why contractors should use a field service app

February 25, 2019
Loc8 Insights 5 reasons why contractors should use a field service app to run their electrical service business more efficiently

If you’re a veteran in the electrical industry, you’re probably already aware that customers are getting more demanding, especially when it comes to integrating technology value-adds to your field service offerings. More and more, companies are making the most of digital touchpoints and building a solid foundation for customer relationships.

So how can your electrical field service company take advantage of the latest technology trends like artificial intelligence and cloud-based software services?

Quicker response times

In the service industry, having a speedy response time can be the difference between a successful job and a disgruntled customer. Customers expect instant assistance and are less inclined to stick with companies who make them wait, no matter how good their quality of service. Having a quick response time shows that you value your customer’s time and are willing to go the extra mile to ensure efficiency is prioritised over everything else. Here’s when scheduling software comes in handy, as it allows managers and back-office teams to better coordinate with in-field technicians, dynamically adjusting schedules based on variables like the time the ticket is raised, the nearest tech’s location, their availability and even their skillset.

Implement preventative measure

One of the biggest mistakes electrical tradies make when starting their own field service organisation is aligning it to be more reactive than proactive. By focusing on fixing failures rather than preventing them, organisations are committing themselves to a long and prolonged relationship with a customer that might not end on a positive note. Training your workforce to actively fix problems that can occur in the future can save you time and money in the long run, which is a considerable advantage for your clients and your technicians. To help stay more proactive, field service companies, including those in the electrical space, are looking at ways to adopt predictive maintenance technologies which harness the processing power of advanced AI algorithms.

Empower your customers

Ask any customer what their biggest gripe with having to hire a field service professional is and they will likely say: “I wish I knew how to do this myself.” This trend of self-service is popular in mainstream service offerings and is gradually creeping its way into the field service industry. Field service companies that are ahead of the curve are looking at smarter ways to implement self-service options and reduce the frequency of customer interactions, as it ultimately reduces the strain on their workforce.

Harness the tools of automation

On the topic of reducing customer interactions, it’s important to highlight how technology – particularly automation tools – is making companies rely less on a physical workforce. For instance, cloud-based technology is eliminating the need for client servicing personnel by employing software to quote and invoice customers. Employees are also able to get more work done remotely, instructing customers to get simple fixes done themselves through job management apps with built-in messaging and video communication tools. This helps reduce the time spent by techs travelling from job to job, allowing them to focus on tasks that require their complete attention.

Take advantage of sales insights

In the field service industry, the sales team has a crucial job as they have the best insights into what a customer’s needs are. Field service sales teams can take advantage of their customer-facing time by asking the right questions and keeping their eyes open to problems and possible improvements in the organisation’s portfolio of service offerings. Through the use of a centralised management system software, your sales team can pass on this information to technician teams, who are now better equipped at closing jobs quicker and with a better chance of the issue reoccurring.

These are just a few insights into how you and your electricians can take advantage of technology trends to service clients better. Through the proper use of smart software like team management and scheduling apps, you can optimise your service offering to offer faster turn-around-times, increasing the likelihood of retaining valuable customers. However, this is just the starting point. It’s important to understand what processes need to be automated, as investing in an enterprise software solution (especially the right one) can be a sizeable investment. So, make sure you make your decision after careful deliberation of all the pros and cons.

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