Tips to set annual goals for your in-field workers

February 18, 2019
Loc8 Insights Tips to set annual goals for your in-field workers

In much the same way as it is crucial to other industries and disciplines, goal setting is paramount in field service too, particularly on an annual basis. Productivity is vital in the changing sphere of field service and is exactly what sets a business apart. But to ensure a competitive level of productivity across business facets and teams, realistic, yet challenging, goals need to be set from the get-go. These need to encompass technical objectives, ethics, the incorporation of better digital solutions, and better field service management.

Let’s consider three tips that will help you set improved field service goals and therefore ensure optimum outcomes among your technicians.

Start With SMART

To set superior goals to aim at driving optimal efforts and results from your in-field workers, you’ll need a sturdy framework to start with. Consider SMART: a system that states that business goals must be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-based if they are to result in success. Following the SMART framework is sure to ensure your in-field workforce knows what realistic goals to achieve, in what proportion, to what end, and in how much time. SMART works as a solid starting point from which to pursue productivity in the field.

Clearly Define Productivity and Productivity Goals

When you’re setting annual goals for your technicians, you’re doing so to ensure productivity levels that meet or even beat industry standards. To get to these levels, however, you first need to define productivity in the context of each field task or service. Your technicians need to understand what it means to be productive and when they’re achieving the kind of productivity that counts. This means you also need to set clear productivity goals. Again, the SMART framework will help you zero in on precise targets and how they should be met. In-field productivity is a requisite for the success of any field service organisation.

Include Crucial Objectives and Performance Indicators

Setting annual field service goals means pinpointing the exact objectives that need to be attained for successful year-end outcomes. This also involves selecting performance indicators that are aligned with your overall organisational agenda. But while deciding all of these, it is imperative that businesses consider technical, ethical, and service objectives.

Your workers need to be technically proficient and skilled enough to execute operations with precision. At the same time, as a business, you need to aspire to technological goals that will help you stand out. Innovation is the smartest way forward in the digitally advancing world of field service that we currently inhabit.

But technical know-how and advancement aren’t enough. Your field workforce also needs to stand on a firm value system that is in line with the standards, culture, and general principles of your enterprise. An indispensable inclusion here is the drive to be better and constantly aspire to greater results.

Finally, your technician goals must include service objectives. Service is the very essence of every project undertaken in the field, so it has to be exemplary. This is where customer satisfaction, loyalty, and trust have their roots.

Annual goals set intelligently and in a manner that ensures your workforce is future-ready are a definite route to attaining field service success. And the proof of this will be in the productivity.

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