In-Field payment solutions and Service Businesses

January 31, 2018
Loc8 Insights In-Field payment solutions and Service Businesses

Managing a small business’s payments and invoices is a daunting task at any time. And unfortunately, the more successful your business is, the more difficult it gets to manage processing payments. Most field services business used to employ the standard method of quote–invoice–collect when it came to collecting payments from clients for completed jobs. However, one of this industry’s biggest challenges is collecting timely payments from difficult clients and customers.

Fortunately, as most countries gradually moved into a cashless payment system, methods of payment collection became more efficient. And as online payment methods began to get more secure, it was only a matter of time

before people everywhere were accustomed to the convenience of electronic, cashless payment systems. For the field service industry, this meant a significant change in the way payments were collected; in other words, companies slowly began discovering the power of in-field payments systems and their many advantages. But how do you pick the right partner for your in-field payments business?

Check their track record

Make sure you choose a seasoned implementation partner with ample experience and expertise in field service deployments. While some services might claim that their methodologies are unique, it is more important to choose a partner who has experience with tried-and-tested tools along with a reputation for seamless integration with third-party software. The complex and expansive nature of field service operations means in-field payment systems have to be integrated with multiple processes. So, pick a partner who understands your business needs rather than one who claims to provide the latest and best in in-field payment solutions.

Keep an eye out for industry experience

Field service business can often have requirements and processes that are unique to an industry. By working with an in-field payments partner who possesses special domain-specific expertise in your industry, you can ensure your payment systems are optimised. A partner with knowledge of your sector will be aware of the industry’s best practices and will adhere to all the necessary regulations and implementation requirements. See which providers your direct competitors are using and accordingly choose one suited for your immediate business strategy needs.

Get multiple quotations

Choosing the right service for your business is essential and choosing a provider at the best price is just a smart business decision. Send quotation requests to all the service providers specialised in your area and industry. Shortlist the ones that are in your budget and then compare the features they provide before deciding to make a final decision.

See if they provide good customer support

No matter how good a service they provide, your preferred in-field service provider will definitely give you the occasional hiccup in the form of a payment failed transaction or some sort of error in accounting. In such a situation, good customer service is the key differentiating factor that will help you decide whether the service provider is one worth sticking around with. So, make sure you ask around about their quality of customer service before signing up.

Check for added features

After you have shortlisted your options based on price, industry experience and customer service, you can now pick a provider who provides features that will make your job easier. Check if they

  1. Support different mobile operating systems
  2. Provide timely cloud-based backup
  3. Support multiple card providers, and
  4. Include compatible auditing tools.

By choosing the right value-added services, you can ensure your workforce is well supported and your clients enjoy a seamless payment experience.

So, ensure your small business is not behind on modern trends and choose an in-field payment partner to help your business thrive.

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