The advantages of moving your business to the cloud

August 15, 2017
Loc8 Insights The advantages of moving your business to the cloud

Start-up businesses need all that the cloud offers as it is an essential game-changer. The modern world is so advanced that, anyone with a decent idea can start a business and get it running-to-float quickly on an enterprise-grade IT infrastructure that is advanced and flexible enough to allow room for growth, yet requires the bare minimal up-front capital investment.

For SMEs (small to medium sized enterprises) that function with minimal IT resources, the cloud provides a window for you to focus on prioritizing your business rather than your IT functioning. You can gain access to a wide portfolio of storage, compute and network products, then effectively scale on-demand quite cost effectively as your business flourishes — more often while gaining on a faster delivery time to market than previous capabilities. The cloud is the way to go forward and doesn’t need much convincing but here are a few of the advantages:


Cloud service organizations all over the globe have a highly expansive network of data hubs specifically created to provide the required data resources and the flexibility that companies need to quickly scale-to-target without expensive hardware investments and tech upgrades to meet their forever-changing data requirements. In a recent survey 65% of participants indicated that a crucial reason to go cloud was, “gaining the ability to meet business demands rapidly”.


Today, organizations expect, more than ever, their cloud service experts to secure client data by performing auto backups; physical protection; advanced system encryption and also identity and access management controls. Cloud service organizations all over the world constantly perform penetration tests and enable a systematic auditing for a 360 visibility of their infrastructure, which allows for improved functioning with IT security industry standards.

Automatic software updates

The advantages of cloud computing are that the servers are away from the premise, out of sight and out of your scope of issues. Suppliers manage them for you and roll out regular software upgrades including security updates. So, you don’t have to worry about spending time maintaining the system all by yourself.

Finally, as your business grows, your cloud infrastructure will grow with you. There is no need to look for another solution as one of the numerous advantages of running your operations in the cloud is scalability!

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