The safety of your technicians is key!

September 4, 2017
Loc8 InsightsThe safety of your technicians is key!

Workplace safety should be your greatest concern. Before sending any of your technicians on a job, you need you make sure that you have assessed the level of risk your staff might encounter. Having processes around safety will enable you to reinforce trust with your employees, enhance your company’s brand and ultimately prevent injuries, and in the worst case accidental fatalities.

A recent online report illustrates that a solid safety culture decreases reportable injuries by 11%, increases the ability to contract new jobs by another 10%, and also increases staff retention by 19%.

A work environment with a well-planned safety program is therefore not just beneficial to employees, but also to a company’s morals and ultimate outlook. With the emergence of mobile and applications, managing EHS (Environment, Health & Safety) is now a lot easier.

Safety notes directly on your techs’ mobiles

When employees are engaged with matters of safety, they participate in a meaningful way that makes them take ownership of their personal safety along with shared responsibility for the safety of others as well. They are directly involved and they have an impact on moulding the safety culture that entails it.

If you are using software to help you run your jobs and staff, you should make sure this system allows you to log any safety issues that have been identified at a customer’s site. The app should then automatically update all your jobs with that information, including user acknowledgement. In such a scenario, this might help your technicians to embrace the new technology you’ve chosen to run your operations as it makes their safety a priority.

Mobile safety apps can enable active participation at all levels of an organization, and help build an effective safety culture by providing the following:

1. Instant access to information when and where required
With mobile applications, workers can access real-time information required to do the job safely, like hazard communication info and safe work procedures. This allows techs to take a more direct ownership of managing probable risks once on site. At the management level, having the possibility to view all safety notes and update them in real-time allows faster and better decision-making to improve safety.

2. Capturing safety-relevant data with ease
Mobile applications help technicians with the capturing and entering of key safety information quickly and easily, whether they are in their car going to a job or out in the field. The reporting of near misses can be done on the spot, instead of being put off until a workstation is available. Workplace hazards can be assessed quicker and corrective actions can also be taken.

3. Improved cross-functional collaboration
Mobile safety apps improve teamwork with quick communication and business processes. For instance, a team conducting an EHS audit can share their findings in real-time, and they can communicate rapidly during the audit with management authorities on the progress and findings. Inter-team collaborations are further enabled by automation of workflow and push notifications. In an audit, this means that amendment methods are more quickly assigned, resolved and closed.

Share site or team specific safety notifications

Some advanced employee apps will allow you to define user groups and provide targeted content. Personalise the content in order to limit the information employees receive and show them exactly what’s currently relevant to them.

These are just a few ways to an improved employee safety structure, one may employ self-created methods to do the same as long as the system in place does what it’s designed for- keep people safe!

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