Easy steps to simplify your field service operations

March 22, 2018
Easy steps to simplify your field service operations

With a field service business, it is important that your processes are set in stone and optimized in order to get the maximum returns from your investments. At the same time, it is also important that your operations are simple to understand so that your entire staff (in-field technicians and managers) can operate efficiently and not waste time in trying to decipher complicated process documents and running around getting unnecessary paperwork done.

But how do you simplify field service operations without losing out on important process touchpoints? Let’s look at the various tools and technologies available that can help you in this aspect.

First of all, going cloud-based should be the initial step of your strategy. By migrating your processes to use cloud services, you can save up on IT infrastructure costs, such as servers and workstations, reducing capital spending and the costs associated with IT maintenance.  Cloud services also improve the reliability of data storage, as most cloud apps are programmed to take automatic and periodic data backups. So, ensure you check these factors carefully when investing in a cloud software provider.

Second of all, what in your opinion is the biggest technological advancement that changed the way we do business in this 21st century? If your answer is smartphones, you’re definitely on the right track. The number of individuals who own a smartphone or tablet is increasing by the day and as a business owner, this is one fact that cannot be ignored. Field service solution providers know this and are constantly looking at providing the same set of features and functionality their web service provides through their app. However, when choosing a service provider, ensure you choose one that provides ample support, not just for their mobile app but also for their desktop/web tool.

Additionally, one of the biggest deterrents for implementing software solutions is the hassle and time it takes to migrate your operations to a new platform. You might already be using software tools to manage certain aspects of your business such as accounting and CRM. In such cases, consider investing in software solutions that don’t force you to change up your whole operation setup. Look for options that integrate well with your existing tools and software. This way, you can keep your operations streamlined and modular, which means if a platform is facing technical issues, it will be isolated, and the effects won’t spill over to other processes.

Finally, automation is also a process that can help you simply your operations and make your business save considerable amount of time and money. And in the industry of field service management, automated processes can be a complete game changer. Tasks like scheduling, quoting, technician tracking, and invoicing can be automated to the point where you only need a single employee overseeing all of the processes. Some software even allow to automatically assign a technician to a new job request, on the basis of multiple parameters like location proximity, technician expertise, level of urgency, etc.

So, when it comes to simplifying your field service operations, ensure you cover all your bases and make efficient use of smart software tools. Choosing one doesn’t have to be hard, but it is a crucial step for any growing field service business!

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