PART 2 – Take control of your business: know your assets and your customers’ assets

March 21, 2017
Loc8 Insights PART 2 – Take control of your business- know your assets and your customers’ assets

Last week’s article highlighted the importance of having an organised and well-structured asset management process. It is from this process that businesses are able to collect an accurate set of data and have a faultless knowledge of their assets. Making strategic decisions and organising the growth of a business then becomes very straightforward. There are still some important elements that should be considered before you make the big move towards software. One of them is about the kind of software that you should select.

What is it that your company needs?

Be strategic when it comes to selecting the software you need, there are several criteria that should be taken into consideration before signing up. In any case, the chosen software should allow you to gain visibility, compliance and control of your business. What kind of assets do you need to collect information about? Does the software have a mobile application? Does it integrate with other systems? etc.

Integration is a key component of your asset lifecycle and needs to be tracked and monitored by a software that ideally integrates with finance systems. This way, you will be able to minimize the risk of misinformation and inability to track maintenance and financial data together.

Using a piece of software to be in control of your assets doesn’t mean getting into a one-way vertical process within your company. It actually allows you to give real time updates to the rest of your business on different elements such as assets, maintenance activities, reports and so on.

Bottom line

Remember, small businesses and big ambitions have never been two incompatible ideas!

You too can be successful and take control of your business by monitoring and managing your assets accurately. Centralise your activity using a unique platform that your teams and the customers of your choice can all access. You will be able to re-evaluate your annual budget and reallocate your spending towards key elements critical for your sound growth.

Growth has no limit, if you already are a large enterprise, keep on improving your asset management processes and reduce costs and time spent.

In both cases, you will be able to witness a real return on investment and reallocate your time spent towards more essential maters in your company.

Embrace the 21st century and the technological advancements it has to offer!

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