Loc8 Insights GetApp and Loc8 asked small businesses about their views on software as an alternative to spreadsheets

B2B application discovery GetApp and software provider Loc8 are on the road again for a new investigation around the small business space. Through this new piece of research, the two SaaS companies have focused their efforts on understanding how software fits into small organisations and if it is seen as the main alternative to Excel spreadsheets.

To do so, over 500 SMBs US-based Business Owners and Managers across different age demographics and salary caps have been approached. The survey focuses on understanding their use of software and which workplace tasks they have replaced manual spreadsheets/paper methods with dedicated software.

The results of the survey highlighted the undeniable place that software is progressively taking within businesses’ operations.

For which of the following workplace tasks, if any, have you replaced manual spreadsheets/ paper methods with dedicated software?

GetApp and Loc8 asked small businesses about their views on software as an alternative to spreadsheets - main results

Even though Excel was initially thought up and designed to support businesses and their operations, it now often becomes their worst nightmare. Because we are only humans, it is so easy for us to get confused in an excel document, to make mistakes and be unable to retrace our errors.

With this study, it is evident that people are progressively integrating software to their business operations. We all know that every business, regardless the size, needs to store information and data safely.

The protection to prevent data corruption is very low with Excel and the risk to lose a spreadsheet is relatively high. Also, such documents are very easy to steal and/or to duplicate.

Beyond the security issue, the time spent, the flexibility and the accuracy should also be factors taken into consideration. Indeed, it is a real advantage to be able to access your data from anywhere at any time and to have the certainty that each figure you see is accurate. Also, being able to go back and forth between different reports or databases effortlessly is crucial.

Finally, in a business, not everyone needs to have access to all the data; what if you could determine who has access to what and to what extent? Sounds interesting, right?

Focus on the age categories

GetApp and Loc8 asked small businesses about their views on software as an alternative to spreadsheets - age categories

As explained previously, when using software, it’s important to select the technology that can integrate with other platforms. Deciding to rely on software to manage finances is a smart move and to fully benefit from of this acquisition make sure that it integrates with the rest of your business software applications. Sound integrations allow you to centralise operations and to create an homogenous ecosystem helping your business to be more efficient.

Successful businesses of tomorrow will all be empowered by software, regardless of their industries, sizes or revenue. If software isn’t something that you already use, it might be wise to start considering a few options and make a first move towards technology!

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