How scheduling and field service software can benefit your carpet fitting business

April 17, 2018
Loc8 Insights How scheduling and field service software can benefit your carpet fitting business

You may not realise it, but efficiently managing your assets is paramount for the growth of your carpet-fitting business, especially when customer expectations are high, and competition is fierce. For tradie service providers, managing assets in a prudent manner to maximize profits while delivering excellent service is essential to run a business smoothly —an insight that applies to both large setups as well as small-scale operations.

What is Scheduling and Dispatching Software?

Job scheduling and dispatching are one of the key aspects of a service provider business. If you need to send technicians for on-site projects, then keeping a track of their work will help you plan your day better. With a job scheduling and dispatching software at hand, you will know where your assets are at any time of the day. In addition, its cloud-based operation offers flexibility of use and you can use it on your smartphone or computer.

What about a real-life example?

Suppose you have a medium-scale carpeting business where you need to work on different orders and projects simultaneously. Now, the objective of any carpet business is to introduce new designs in the market to cater to various customer demands. The services offered by a carpeting business include floor preparation, making patterns, cutting methods, tools and applying different floor plans. It could be for both commercial as well as residential purposes. Therefore, the client demands will vary accordingly and so will the approach. To fulfil the demands of the clients or the customer, you will use various assets such as a truck for transportation, an answering service, a merchant account, and tools. You will have to manage all these assets in such a way that you increase your profits.

How would dispatching software help here?

This is where scheduling and dispatching software comes in.

  1. It allows you to assign projects to your employees and manage tasks in real time to ensure efficiency. You will know which of your resources are free at what time and you can use the data to plan your day or month accordingly.
  2. It allows you to match a job to a technician skilled for it. You can input your technician skills in the database and the software will automatically select an available technician whenever a job request comes in with skills that match.
  3. It collects valuable information that can be mined for insights later. Your technicians and back-office staff will have access to this data, which can be anything from photos and videos related to past jobs, special customer instructions, repair time data, etc.
  4. It helps technicians and managers improve their time-keeping skills, using automated methods to enter data. This provides a detailed breakdown of tasks and the time taken for them, which can help improve efficiency in future jobs

Furthermore, some scheduling and dispatching software allow you to manage other aspects of your field service business, such as quoting, billing, and invoicing, which just gives you more control over your business allowing to manage it to your best potentials. With such a wide range of applications, it makes sense to implement scheduling and dispatching software into your carpet-fitting business as soon as possible.

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