See how field service apps can help technicians to better manage their activities

January 31, 2018
Loc8 Insights See how field service apps can help technicians to better manage their activities

For tradies who run their own service business, the widespread adoption of Field Service Mobility Apps has led to better time exploitation and staff management. If you are still not convinced about the benefits of field service apps, read the four points below, they might influence your judgment. Here is why you should invest in field service software to better manage your jobs and your workers’ activities.

Prompt status updates

Most field service software tools now have tons of built-in automation features. One extremely helpful feature is the ability to automatically update job status on the basis of location.

Smart apps can be programmed to automatically detect when a technician arrives at the location and sends an update about the job starting to all stakeholders, such as other technicians, managers and even clients. Similarly, when the technician leaves the location, a job complete request can be sent, which can then be confirmed by the client.

Easy way to record jobs

Most software automated tracking systems are connected to cloud servers and have the ability to save all job information in the cloud. You can store the time taken to travel to the job, time taken to complete the job, job start and end times, and all of this can be backed up with relevant location data to get more actionable insights. For example, you can analyse which locations seem to be taking more time for jobs on average and assign more experienced technicians to it. Having accurate records is an important aspect to properly manage your in-field workforce.

Save time and resources

Often times, you will have to assign an employee to manually track your technician schedules, which can be a huge drain on your already limited resources. As a small business owner, it is important to use your funds efficiently and find ways to improve your cashflow. By using technician tracking tools, you can automate a lot of processes that would otherwise require a separate employee to manage.

Encourages quicker service

While accountability is an important reason you should track your technicians, it also helps encourage them to provide a higher level of customer service. If technicians are made aware of the fact that their performance is monitored automatically, it incentivises them to arrive at the location on time and complete the job in as short a time as possible. Having GPS-backed data ensures that all information is accurate and that it is available for review whenever required.

So, invest in an efficient technician tracking app and find out the other ways in which smart field service software can improve your business processes.

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