Why is digital the solution for field service businesses?

January 3, 2018
Loc8 Insights Why is digital the solution for field service businesses?

The digital revolution is here, and companies that fail to keep up with the latest digital trends are sure to find themselves left behind as their more tech-savvy peers carve up a sizeable chunk of market share for themselves. But what’s so appealing about this whole “going digital” trend, you might ask?

Well, the right question you should be asking yourself is what not appealing? Even in sectors like oil and gas, companies are transforming their field services activities into digital powerhouses that are seeing marked improvements in productivity, efficiency, profitability, safety, and customer loyalty.

And while this whole process of digital transformation might seem daunting, it doesn’t have to be done overnight. What’s important is that you take your first step and identify the areas of your business that technology can improve.

For example, many businesses invest in a digital strategy without carefully considering their desired outcome. Focus on selecting the right key performance indicators (KPIs) and keep your strategy focussed on maximising these KPIs. Average travel time, response time, first-time repair time, and compliance rates are some examples of KPIs you should focus on when running a field service business.

Connect to the Cloud

The biggest advantage of connecting your business services to the cloud is the ability to work in a complete could-based ecosystem. Imagine having all your resources available at the click of a button, or having the ability to pull up months-old reports and bills through just a simple service request. Cloud-based field service solutions allow your entire work ecosystem to function as a single seamless operation. Synchronisation is the key buzzword here, and when your operations are connected to the cloud, you can be assured that your data will be synced for everyone to use.

Leverage the power of data

Field service organizations are beginning to see the power of data analytics. Current digital solutions platforms feature some form of predictive analytics that can help you identify problems before they occur. Big data analytics can help you identify your business pain points while also assisting you with a strategy to help you plug these problems. For example, sensors embedded in equipment can trigger a repair request, and a field service professional can be directly contacted for assistance. As these sensors collect enough data, they can start predicting when the equipment will require maintenance before it breaks down.

Keep your teams mobile

In a world where everyone is connected to everyone else through a smart device, mobility is critical. Businesses now have to keep their teams connected through an easily accessible channel of communication with real-time access to essential information. For example, using a field service management app can allow your technicians to easily update records, add attachments to service requests, and automatically sync tasks, all while on the go. Your teams can now stay up-to-the-minute with service requests, track diagnostics and usage history for better troubleshooting, and get a heads up on safety requirements while on the job.

We at Loc8 believe strongly in moving operations to a more digital platform. If you work in the field service industry and want to discover ways you can digitize your business or company’s operations, get in touch with us and find out how you can leverage the power of technology to save both time and money.

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