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Vysionics cuts service delivery times, exceeds customers’ expectations, and ensures road traffic safety with help from Loc8.

Loc8 vysonics case study
Loc8 vysonics case study
Loc8 Field Service Software

About Vysionics Intelligent Traffic Solutions

Headquartered in Farnborough, United Kingdom, Vysionics ITS Ltd is a leading global provider of precision intelligent traffic management solutions. Formed in 2010 by the merger of two established brands, Speed Check Services and Computer Recognition Systems, Vysionics supplies and manages thousands of networked road safety cameras throughout the United Kingdom and Europe.

The company has an enviable reputation for innovation in the field of traffic management with industry leading Advanced Number-Plate Recognition (ANPR), average speed check, and railway crossing solutions. Vysionics sophisticated technology is employed in high volume locations, such as the London Congestion Charge Zone, bus lanes, and railway crossings throughout the United Kingdom.

The Challenge

Vysionics’ business occupies a specialist industry segment where reliability, technological innovation and impeccable service delivery are not only expected, but also vital to the safe running of our roads. With a varied client base composed of government authorities, law enforcement agencies, community partnerships and private corporations Vysionics is required to meet a variety of stringent technical and legislative requirements.

As the recognized leaders in road safety solutions Vysionics was experiencing rapid growth, however the maintenance and engineering operations were struggling to handle the growth without compromising on quality. The company was managing maintenance operations using a combination of spreadsheets, paper, and a legacy asset management system that was not fit for purpose.

The result was that engineers were being inefficiently allocated work, were carrying reams of paperwork, and were often travelling to and from Vysionics offices when the time could be better spent on customer sites. Communications were inefficient and there was limited real time visibility of work for management and clients.

To continue to grow while meeting quality and service targets the team at Vysionics knew they needed to move towards a more robust operational system.

“Vysionics’ clients expect high quality service at all times. By using Loc8 we are now able to monitor response times and evidence SLA performance which overall has improved by 20%.”

Scott Paton – Chief Operating Officer, Vysionics ITS Ltd.

The Benefits

  • Efficient around-the-clock job allocation & work order dispatch to the right technician, at the right location, every time.
  • Engineers have full visibility of an asset’s history, reactive and planned maintenance work orders, field service reports and inventory
  • Reduced downtime of valuable equipment, by using detailed reporting features to action potential failures before they become critical.
  • Configurable tasks & activities replace paper based checklists and reduce the need for trips back to the office.
  • A secure audit trail of all maintenance tasks performed.
  • Mapping & spatial data capabilities (incorporating GPS tracking) with the ability to plot historical and future activities as well as real time resource locations.
  • Faster invoicing and job payment collection, shortening the cash-flow cycle.
  • Quick and simple monitoring of regulatory and compliance obligations.
  • Comprehensive asset, maintenance & job data reporting for management and customer use.

Deliver exceptional service with Loc8

Because its sophisticated equipment is safety-critical, Vysionics’ field specialists attend to maintenance and servicing tasks at any hour, day or night. Working conditions on site can be challenging, often in remote areas and in extreme weather. Employee and sub-contractor safety is paramount but with a manual system Vysionics had no visibility of engineers.

Loc8 Service Provider edition includes mapping and spatial data as part of the package. Using GPS enabled tablets running Loc8’s mobile application Vysionics now have real time visibility of where their engineers are along with real time status updates. “Not only does this enable more efficient dispatch of work, it also means that our lone workers are safer” said Scott Paton.

For more information about Vysionics ITS Ltd visit www.vysionics.com

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