Excel spreadsheet vs software: why you should no longer hesitate

June 28, 2017
Loc8 Excel spreadsheet vs software- why you should no longer hesitate

Can you sympathise with the person in the image? We all go through tough relentless battles with paperwork and especially Excel spreadsheets, right!?

Even though Excel was thought up and designed to support businesses and their operations, it often becomes their worst nightmare. Because we are only humans, it is so easy for us to get confused in an Excel document, to make mistakes and be unable to retrace these errors.

Don’t jeopardise your business, there are alternative options!

We all know that every business, regardless of the size, needs to store information and data. Some of the data contained in a spreadsheet can be highly confidential and contain sensitive information. Protection from data corruption is very low with Excel and the risk of losing a spreadsheet is relatively high. Also, such documents are very easy to steal and/or to duplicate.

Beyond security, time spent, flexibility and accuracy should also be factors taken into consideration. Indeed, it is a real advantage to be able to access your data from anywhere at any time and to have the certainty that each figure you see is accurate. Also, being able to go back and forth between different reports or databases effortlessly is crucial.

Finally, in a business, not everyone needs to have access to all the data; what if you could determine who has access to what, and to what extent? Sounds interesting right?

Well, software is the solution you need!

When you are in charge of a business, it is important to keep an eye on work progression and duties such as work order generation, task completion, additional work, expenses, quotes and invoices etc.

The use of several Excel spreadsheets to manage, track and monitor all these elements can become very confusing and slow you down. This flaw can have a negative impact on the reputation and the image of your business. The use of correct and modern managements tools is key to keep your business competitive.

The tools and programs you use should be there to help you run and grow your business. If they slow you down and complicate your operations, get rid of them and look for other solutions such as software and move forward!

There are hundreds of websites to help you to choose the right software for your business. Also, most software providers offer free trials before you buy any of their editions. So be bold, take advantage of these free trials and transition from spreadsheets to software!

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