How to get your in-field workers to embrace a new software solution?

January 3, 2018
Loc8 Insights How to get your in-field workers to embrace a new software solution?

The recent widespread adoption of software solutions by field service teams has been something of a surprise to those who have spent years in an industry that has been run by old-school principle of “work hard”.

Especially in the construction industry, it is difficult to identify the appropriate software platform as there are so many different trades, skills and requirements on site. And while the pros of implementing software solutions to optimize business operations far outweigh the cons, getting in-field teams to come on board with using construction management and operational software can pose a challenge. Here are some tips to help your technicians ease into the process of using software tools.

Explain how they benefit on a personal level

Most construction software covers multiple aspects of a business such as workforce planning, asset allocation, etc. However, your in-field workers will not bother using software unless they see a personal level of return. Select software that helps make their work easier by providing easy access to documentation, reduces the need to constantly visit work site for supervision, and automates repetitive work.

Gradually introduce change

Using construction and workforce planning software has a number of advantages, like tracking operational performance, assisting with safety audits, promoting better quality control, and many more. However, getting your workforce to adopt every feature in the first go can lead to more problems than solutions. Employees who are not too tech-savvy might get intimidated if forced to use software, which can sometimes be more complicated than we would like to admit. To avoid this, consider using a multi-stage implementation strategy. For example, introduce your workforce to automated timekeeping, and once they get used to it and see the advantages, expand by implementing other features like real-time document exchange and communication channels.

Train the right staff

There’s a good chance your construction software comes with a lot of training material on how to use it. Select those employees who you know can adapt quickly to software tools and instruct them to help their teammates use the same. Most employees will be more comfortable using software tools if a colleague or friend guides them in using it. As time progresses, you’ll find the whole organization will be better equipped to handle the software and they can always approach their mates to help them out if they are stuck using a complicated feature.

Get expert help

If your workforce is still struggling to get used to your new construction software, it’s possible you might need some expert help. Consider hiring a software professional on a contract basis, particularly someone with the skillset to motivate field teams. They can help your workforce by giving them the professional guidance and assisting them on a one-on-one basis. You can also instruct them to provide extensive training to one specific individual, who can then pass on the know-how to the rest of the team, once the software professional is out of contract.

Getting your teams on board with construction software can be the biggest change you make to your business operations. So, make sure you take all the steps necessary to make this transitional period count.

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