Three technologies set to drive field service businesses in the future

March 22, 2018
Loc8 Insights Three technologies set to drive field service businesses in the future

Technology has played a major role in enhancing the way enterprises manage their assets. As growth in field service businesses depends on customer satisfaction, such businesses have always strived to provide the best possible customer service. Furthermore, as the competition gets more intense, field service enterprises are always looking for the next best innovative idea that will help them stay ahead in the game.

To achieve the goal of delivering better customer satisfaction, field service companies—particularly those in industries such as transportation, telecommunication, healthcare, and HVAC—need to maintain a systematic workflow for processes such as managing assets, designing quotes, serving the customer, and billing.

The more streamlined these aspects of business are, the better the opportunities to make profits. Field service software systems have offered great help to these businesses by enabling them to better manage their assets and increase efficiency by offering control over every aspect of business through a single platform. Enterprises have now seen that opting for technologies provides innovative solutions to their business problems. And from the myriad of new technologies floating about, there are three distinct ones that field service companies need to keep an eye on:

Remote Connectivity

Connectivity is a major pillar of field service innovations, and companies are now investing in strategies that will improve their in-field connectivity. Through the use of smart devices like smartphones and tablets, enterprises are ensuring high levels of connectivity providing asset managers with more information, tools, and resources when they are on site. With tools such as business-grade instant messaging, location tracking, tapping in and out while on assignment, and optimized routing, the efficiency of service providers has undeniably increased.

IoT-based Remote Diagnostics

IoT technologies are connected with products to perform remote diagnostics. They gather real-time data from the field that can be used to understand and forecast systems that are most likely to create issues for customers and devise solutions in order to prevent future malfunctions. Some IoT technologies are designed to work with manual assistance, and a number of field service companies are successfully using remote diagnostics to resolve issues.

The data obtained from IoT technologies can offer valuable insights to manufacturers to better build products that are easy to use for customers. IoT technologies also help in building better upgrades for their products, and when coupled with advanced analytics tools, IoT solutions can be used to devise predictive models that can help in cost customization and money saving.


By implementing field service automation solutions, businesses have the potential to drive revenue growth by making service reps more efficient and productive. Automation solutions provide instant access to significant customer information, parts inventory data, complete work histories, and scheduling data. Through automation tools, service reps are immediately notified when new work comes up, enabling businesses to provide a more personal service, to generate revenue more quickly, and to establish themselves as valuable partners and resources to customers.

Technology is always at the forefront of new innovations, and the field service industry is slowly warming up to implement software tools and tech to get an edge over the competition. Make sure your business stays relevant and invest in the right tech today!

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