What is field mobility and how can it help your field service business?

June 21, 2018
Loc8 Insights What is field mobility and how can it help your field service business?

Field service technicians are the face of every tradie business. They interact with customers on a daily basis and play a crucial role in providing customers with a positive experience. To do this, field service businesses need to equip their workers with the right tools of trade. Enter, the growing field mobility industry.

So what is ‘Field Mobility’?

Being responsive is imperative for any filed service business to flourish. Attending to job requests in an optimised and effective manner is a must. If there is no quick integrated mobility solution, the company might face complex problems which include a drop off in productivity levels, loss of

real-time information hampered customer satisfaction and decreased profitability. A lot comes under the terms ‘field mobility’. It includes various applications such as field services, sales and repairs, delivery and inspections. The binding factor of all these applications is the need to have access to data and while also providing direct interaction with customers. Combining field service mobility with field processes leads to faster customer service and more revenue.

Overcoming Field Service Challenges with Mobility

Earlier, businesses accomplished their field service tasks with the help of paper-based systems, a process that was eventually taken over by field service mobility solutions. This meant an improvement of present processes and an offering of new services that were not possible with the older systems. Aside from combining various technologies and devices into one tool, field mobility has made it easier for technicians to complete their tasks in a simpler way.

Aiming for Increased Profitability

Earning good revenue and generating more profit is a primary reason for integrating mobile-based field mobility tools into the system. Reducing unwanted travel to the same location and duplication of effort due to old systems can help organisations cut down on service costs. When you use a mobile device, you can rapidly fix any problem that happens on priority, skipping the need for repeated trips to the site (a common cause for technician overtime). As work reports are generated using mobile devices, the results are quicker, invoices are more accurate, and revenue is improved as an overall result.

Implementing Tools for Increased Productivity

Field service mobility strives to bridge the gap between your field workers and resources in your office by eliminating information leakage and errors. By providing technicians with access to customer data, inventory, manuals and service logs in real time, field mobility tools can help field representatives to successfully report work statuses when on site, and also initiate invoices in minutes once the job is done. This makes the process faster, allowing your field workers to visit more clients per day.

Improved Customer Experience

Field service mobility enables field workers to perform their work faster, communicate quickly in the office, and create invoices in a jiffy, effectively boosting customer service levels. By receiving alerts for the tasks created, responding to the tasks assigned on time and resolving customer issues before they escalate, businesses can provide their customers with an unmatched experience. Field mobility tools also have the ability to provide their customers with quick and easy digital invoices that allow you to capture a customer’s signature digitally thus reducing the chances of delayed payments.

Better Branding and Workforce Management

Field mobility tools require the use of handheld mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Many field service businesses have identified this as an excellent tool for branding. Technician devices can be branded with your company’s logo, which can leave a positive impression on your customers.

Considering how wonderfully this platform works and helps increase efficiency, more and more businesses have started to introduce and invest in mobile-based field mobility tools. However, it is important to remember that just investing in mobile technology will not give you results you are looking for. You also have to look into carefully implementing a holistic strategy that takes into account your industry KPIs so you can get an edge over your competitors.

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