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Connect Loc8 and SAP

Give your business operations the power they deserve with Loc8’s smart ERP tools.

Integrate Loc8 with SAP for full operational control
Managing assets and comprehend their lifecycle is often critical for businesses. Without a thorough monitoring and maintenance process in place, companies can lose substantial amount of capital. Loc8 enables businesses to create solid asset structure and automate maintenance for better control.

Loc8 software sap intgeration
What is SAP?

SAP is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software for business with medium to large size operations.

  • Improve financials, logistics, manufacturing and distribution.
  • Gather and share data from the one platform safely and efficiently.
  • Convert your business to the digital world and make the most out of Machine Learning.
  • Strategically use data related to assets in order to achieve greater outcomes.

Additional information about SAP.

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