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Fire safety business owners; Why should you consider using a job management app?

January 7, 2019
Loc8 Insights Fire safety business owners Why should you consider using a job management app

Working in the fire safety industry can be a daunting prospect for any business owner or operations manager. The number of safety protocols that need to be kept in check is too extensive to list. Also, any and every business and home-owner needs to have some sort of fire safety measures preinstalled in their homes and offices, and this equipment will often be in need of maintenance.

Before, managers of fire safety technician teams would rely on spreadsheets to manually track and maintain jobs and schedules. Fortunately, software solutions have given these businesses a considerable boost in terms of productivity thanks to job management apps. Here are some reasons why you should consider implementing a job management solution to your fire safety field service organisation.

Task Management Simplified

One of the biggest challenges facing field service team managers is organising multiple tasks. For fire safety teams that are stretched with tens of requests per day, prioritising tasks becomes an imperative requirement. By using a job management app, you can automate the whole process using a predetermined set of rules, which helps with dynamic task assignment (assigning tasks on the fly).

Easier Cashflow and Budget Management

Often, field service operations managers are forced to rethink how to approach larger jobs, as it can be difficult to manage all the requirements with a lean workforce and even leaner budget. In today’s competitive business environment, it is important to utilise all available resources to their optimal level. Task management tools help by letting you track every minute of your technician’s time and accordingly make decisions on whether or not more resources can and should be allocated.

Unified Communication Channels

In the fire safety space, poor communication between technicians can potentially be life-threatening. And in the field service space, most project managers often complain of lack of communication as one of their biggest hurdles. Fortunately, job management apps come with built-in communication tools that keep you constantly connected with active technicians. By establishing a clear two-way communication channel and encouraging team members to use this channel for job updates and troubleshooting, you can inculcate a more cohesive work environment, and most importantly, plug communication gaps that can (in this field) lead to catastrophic results.

Added Layer of Reliability and Security

As businesses move their data and processes to the internet, the threat of cyber-attacks is always a concern. Field service businesses need to especially be careful, as any potential breach to their server can result in confidential client being leaked. Nowadays, most job management software come with security features that allow you to restrict access and safeguard sensitive data. Some also let you control the type of information you share with your technicians. This way, you can be assured that only the necessary information is made available, and confidential data (such as account/payment details) is kept secure.

So if you’re someone who’s always looking at a way to assign, prioritize, or simply manage your team’s tasks, don’t think twice before implementing a job management app.

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