3 ways you can boost your carpentry business operations

August 8, 2018
Loc8 Insights 3 ways you can boost your carpentry business operations

Like any other tradie business, running your own carpentry operation involves a lot of task management. And when it comes to task management, many small businesses struggle with complicated spreadsheets to manage essential business processes like tracking technician timetables, processing invoices, scheduling emergency repairs, etc.

Fortunately, technological advancements, especially the rise in popularity of software solutions, have helped small businesses to streamline their operations and save considerable time and money.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can boost your carpentry business operations by using technology effectively:

  1. Replace paper-based processes with software

    Reducing your business’ paper consumption operations process will not only help you do your bit towards saving the environment, it will also reduce errors and improve efficiency of communication. For example, using digital invoices rather than paper ones can help improve your cash flow cycle by ensuring your payments are processed with minimum delays. When it comes to keeping well-maintained company records, particularly job histories, technician resumes, and other essential company data, replacing paper-based ledgers with digital records has numerous advantages. Having a software store company records saves space that would otherwise be taken up by reams of paper, and it also makes searching for relevant data much easier.

  2. Stay connected with your technicians

    Thanks to the widespread use of smartphones and smart devices like tablets and (more recently) smartwatches, staying connected with people is a much easier process. Now, we have field service management software (including mobile apps) that allows you to manage your in-field workforce from your phone. You can now create tasks, drop an invoice once they’re completed and process the invoice without leaving the app. You can also use smart software to keep a track of your technicians and ensure they reach job sites on time. This helps increase technician accountability and improve customer satisfaction. And speaking of customer satisfaction…

  3. Increase Customer Satisfaction

    In any service-based business, having excellent customer satisfaction can help set you apart from the pack. Field service software have a number of features that can help with improving customer service experience. For example, some tools allow you to serve customers with a digital quote, provided in an intuitive format, which provides a detailed breakdown of all the job aspects and requirements. Job management software also provide tools that store customer records electronically, which helps your in-field technicians service regular customers better by referencing old jobs and checking for their preferences.With the technology available in our hands these days, boosting your carpentry firm’s operations is not only recommended but considered necessary to ensure that you stay viable and competitive.

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