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How workforce management software can help not-for-profit organisations?

July 25, 2018
Loc8 Insights How workforce management software can help not-for-profit organisations?

Working in a not-for-profit (NFP) organisation is a fulfilling but also challenging experience. You are not only expected to serve a social cause, but you have to take care of a number of factors like reducing management expenses and scaling operations when required. For NFPs that are starting out, the use of an efficient and thoughtfully designed workforce management software can help the organisation reach their goals while also keeping costs low, something that is essential when your profit margins are razor thin.

Workforce management solutions have numerous tools designed to help businesses and organisations streamline their workforce operations, including tasks like scheduling, assigning and tracking, etc. It aims at bringing the business metrics into visibility and helps you track the amount of time required by a particular number of resources to produce a specific product.

Moreover, it is designed to reduce the time invested in data-entry tasks like leave management, task and activity management, and time and attendance management.

We all know how important it is for non-profit organisations to reduce expenses and use their employees and volunteers in an efficient way. Let’s take a look at some of the ways workforce management software can help NPF organizations like care institutions, charitable organizations, sports unions, etc.

Smoother Scheduling

Some workforce management solutions feature powerful and easy-to-use scheduling systems that enable you to set up a standard schedule using a built-in template. Some tools even offer drag and drop function for easy customization of the system. These tools can be made into just the right software that suits your organization and eases your job.

Improved knowledge management

Workforce management solutions can help you centralize all your workforce management data and make it easily accessible to your employees. This enables your team to analyse information and plan strategies to improve the management and productivity of resources. Such knowledge management tools come in particularly handy when senior employees have to leave the organisation, as this can be used to initiate a successful handover of tasks and responsibilities.

Smart and enhanced compliance tools

Non-profit organisations require a wide variety of professionals to ensure their operations run smoothly. In-field staff/volunteers, administration, human resources, PR, operations, content, marketing – there are just a few of the numerous different job types that NFPs have to manage. Workforce management software can help them set up employee classifications, allowing each designation to have their own set of responsibilities and tasks. This helps create accurate, comprehensive records that come in handy for appraisal discussions and labour audits.

Reduced labour expenses

Using a workforce management solution is ideal for tracking of your employees working hours. NFP’s in particular, have to deal with a lot of volunteer groups, who require written records stating their number of hours volunteered. Workforce management tools come with built-in warnings to reduce expensive overtime for non-exempt employees. This convenient system majorly contributes to reducing admin’s time by recording the punch-in and punch-out timings automatically with the online time cards. The collected data can be added directly to the employees’ payroll processing service, reducing the chance of incorrect entries.

Human resource management made easy

Workforce management tools allow staff members and volunteers to schedule and select shifts without bothering their respective managers. This creates a higher level of job satisfaction among employees, owing to the fact that they can manage their own schedules, which helps instil a great feeling of independence and trust. Moreover, employees can feel a sense of a stronger ownership in the company, which further leads to better performance.

Ultimately, the level of success of implementing a workforce management solution depends on how well you integrate it with your existing smart tools. Fortunately, there are a number of workforce management and job management tools out there. Try out a few to figure out which is the best one for your NFP.

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