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Loc8 Asset Maintenance Software - Manage Asset Lifecycles and Easily Plan Maintenance

Loc8 main features - Asset Maintenance Software
Asset tracking app

Monitor all physical assets

Asset maintenance software

Plan and automate maintenance

Field service management built for field

Complete complex tasks in-field

Powerful asset management software

Collaborate & share asset information

Loc8 main features - Monitor all physical assets virtually

Know all your Assets; Know your Customers

Monitor all Physical Assets Virtually

Create an asset structure in Loc8 that matches the physical location of the assets you maintain in the real world, enabling you to easily find and maintain these assets on site.

Be Efficient: Standardise and Re-use Asset Types

Loc8 supports a robust asset type mechanism that standardises the types of assets maintained as well as the information and preventative maintenance schedules that run against them.

Create an asset

Planned & Automated maintenance

Stay ahead with preventative maintenance

Automatically generate task-based work orders for assets based on location and required maintenance frequency. Reacting quickly when a customer calls is one thing but planning ahead is a game changer.

Automate your asset maintenance procedures

Create condition and event-based rules to automate your operations. Do you need to automatically notify someone when an asset fails, or perhaps set an asset to inactive when a parameter is updated? Not a problem, Loc8 can take care of this for you!

Plan maintenance
Loc8 main features - Collaborate and share asset information
Loc8 main features - Complete complex asset management tasks in-field

Field proven and ready mobile solutions

Complete complex asset management tasks in-field

Need to change a status, or update an ID in-field? Need to move an asset from another site or create a new asset that needs to be maintained? Easy done.

View asset tasks by focusing on one asset (searchable by id, name or barcode scan), asset type (e.g. all fire extinguishers) or task type (e.g. perform re-gas). You can also easily add more tasks in-field as you discover them.

One job often leads to another

Often when completing one task, another rears its head. That’ll often cost more money or be impossible to fix right away. In those cases, simply create a rectification task and repair immediately or generate a quote.

Go mobile!

Collaborate and share asset information

Bring your customers into the loop

Leverage our next-generation customer portal to optionally provide your customers with visibility of their assets, including status, location and maintenance history.

Extend Loc8 further with custom integrations

Use our API’s to integrate with other software solutions to push or pull data in real time.

Share asset data
Loc8 main features - Asset managment software

Other useful features

Task library

Create task based work orders with explicitly defined tasks and sub-tasks on the fly, or store and manage them via a dedicated task library for use again in the future.

Custom fields

Define custom field groups, lists and parameters and then associate them with your asset types in order to standardise the information on each asset of a particular type.

History log

We maintain detailed change history on each asset and its tasks, including movement and parameter changes. Optionally, tag changes made on mobile with GPS coordinates.

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Loc8 is used by many service businesses and some of the most demanding enterprise asset owners and facility managers around the world.