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Loc8 Job Tracking Software - Manage your Jobs & Workforce with Speed & Simplicity

Loc8 jobs and scheduling software
Job scheduling software

Schedule and Assign Appointments

Task and sub task tool

Create tasks and sub-task lists

Smart and compelling work reports

Create automated work reports

Loc8 Invoice App - Financial insights better comprehend your business

Control your finances, charges and costs

Loc8 job tracking software

Schedule, Assign and Complete Appointments

Make your Job Management Operations Straight Forward

Quickly create an appointment that suits your customer’s availability using the Loc8 web or mobile app. Dispatch to one or more technicians or sub-contractors using custom region and trade-based assignment in calendar or quick scheduling modes.

Stay on Top of your Workload with Real-time Updates

Field technicians will be notified in real time of any new or updated appointments and can action them immediately or when scheduled to. If it was assigned to the wrong person, it can simply be reassigned in-field. All changes are visible across the entire cloud-based system in real time.

Schedule a job

Create Tasks & Sub-task Lists

Ensure all Jobs are Executed Correctly

Create task-based work orders with explicitly defined tasks and sub-tasks on the fly, or store and manage them via a dedicated task library for use again in the future.

Mobility & Flexibility

Action each and every task in-field with detailed notes and photos. If a task couldn’t be completed, mark as incomplete or create a follow-up rectification task.

Create a Task
Create tasks & sub-task lists - jobs and scheduling software
Loc8 software - Thorough work reports, automatically

Thorough Work Reports, Automatically

Easily Record all Job Details on the Go!

Loc8 automatically creates detailed work reports at the conclusion of each and every appointment based on time and travel logged, tasks completed, inventory used and of course, customer sign-off.

Analyse and Share Reports with your Customers

Drill into each report to understand exactly which tasks were performed on-site and by who, how much time was spent traveling vs working and whether you need to create a follow-up appointment for further work. Share the report with your customer using a live web view that is branded using your company logo and details.

Start Creating Reports

Full Control Over Finances, Charges & Costs

Closely monitor your cashflow

Set out whether to charge for tasks, time and travel on each work order. Also, compare the initial estimate or quote and projected values as work progresses. This will tell you if you’re anywhere near to making profit or not.

Intuitive templates

List the templates that define whether to charge for on-site time, travel, callout charges, tasks and inventory. And, in no time, you can create invoices by simply associating the template with the customer, a quote or work order.

Explore Financial Insights
Full control over finances, charges & costs. Jobs and scheduling software

Other Job Scheduling Features

Priorities and Types

Create custom work order priorities and job types to standardise your response time and ensure that each job is scoped, managed and completed correctly.

Regions and Trades

Specify regions and trades against each technician, and when they are set as a requirement on a work order, only the matching people will be made available.

Assistive Workflows

Define custom statuses for work orders, and then leverage our powerful assistive workflows on our mobile tool to ensure your technicians select the right statuses.

History and GPS Data

We maintain a highly detailed change history on each work order, appointments and tasks. Optionally, tag changes made on mobile with GPS coordinates.

Inventory Tracking

Record inventory usage for each appointment, including the ability to specify a purchase order number, costs and notes and whether or not the inventory is chargeable.

Safety Notes

Log any safety issues that have been identified at a customer’s site, and all work orders will be automatically updated with that information, including user acknowledgement.

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Loc8 is used by many service businesses and some of the most demanding enterprise asset owners and facility managers around the world.