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Job management software

Schedule, assign and complete jobs with our easy-to-use software.

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Job dispatching software easy calendar view

View all scheduled jobs at a glance with multiple calendar views

The intuitive calendar view makes it easy to see a complete list of all jobs scheduled to your technicians. Instantly switch between daily, weekly and monthly views, and even drag-and-drop scheduled appointments to alter the day or time.

Available on all Loc8 plans.

Job management made easy with calendar filters

Loc8 also allows you to filter jobs based on certain criteria simplifying the job scheduling process. For instance, you may only want to view jobs for a certain technician, location or priority. Using the calendar filters, you can filter out certain schedules based on the set criteria. Loc8’s current calendar view filters include; status, type, customer, assignee, appointment status, assignee type, location, priority, project, site and more.

Available on all Loc8 plans.

Job dispatching software calendar filters
Job scheduling software team notifications

Send notifications instantly

Loc8’s job scheduling software will instantly notify your field workers of their upcoming scheduled appointments, straight to their mobile device. Your technicians will be able to view all job details via the Loc8 Mobile App, write comments as required, obtain customer sign-off for the completed work and schedule any follow up work-orders.

Available on all Loc8 plans.

Free support with every plan

Our friendly team of experts are here to assist you at any time, to help you get the most of your Loc8 system. Your questions won’t be left unanswered!

Loc8 support

Collect customer signatures when a job is completed

Loc8 software makes it easy for you to collect your customer signatures right on your mobile device. The customer sign-off is then recordered against the completed job and stored in your Loc8 system as proof of the completed work.

Available on all Loc8 plans.

Job scheduling app customer signoff
Job dispatching app trade regions

Less travel time and more chargeable hours with custom regions

Prevent your in-field workers from wasting time traveling long distances in between jobs with Loc8’s region management solution. Loc8 allows you to define regions and match them to each technician. You can then easily assign a technician to a job within that specified region. So stop wasting those chargeable hours and get started with Loc8 today.

Available on the Loc8 Professional plan.

Analyse and share reports with your customers

Drill into each report to understand exactly which tasks were performed on-site and by who, how much time was spent traveling vs working and whether you need to create a follow-up appointment for further work. You can even share the report with your customer using a live web view, that can be branded using your company logo and details.

Available on all Loc8 plans.

Job scheduling software reports
Job dispatching software notification messages

Keep your customers informed with our job scheduling software

Set up automated emails to notify your customers when an appointment is scheduled, when a technician is en-route or when a job is completed. Learn more about our customer communication features.

You can also share field service reports or a job summary with your customers, in just a few easy clicks. Keep your customers happy with Loc8’s job scheduling software.

Available on the Loc8 Professional plan.

Job management FAQ’s

  • Loc8’s job management software will allow you gain a better overview of your operations, save time and drastically reduce operational costs.

  • The Loc8 mobile app is available for both Apple (iOS) and Android devices.

  • No, with Loc8 you are able create as many jobs as required no matter which plan you are on. Learn more about jobs here.

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