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Loc8 integration with IBM Maximo

IBM Maximo Integration with Loc8

Efficiently manage your business operations with Loc8’s robust EAM tools.

Integrate your Loc8 system with IBM Maximo
Large businesses use Loc8 to manage their assets in a modern and smart way which give them the insights they require to propel their operations to that next level of competitivity! Loc8 gives its users a 360 degree overview of all past and current activities and generates real-time data which can be stored and shared safely among internal and external entities of a company.

IBM Maxiimo Integration with Loc8

What is IBM Maximo?

IBM Maximo is an Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) solution for large businesses with asset management requirements.

  • Maintain all asset types and their lifecycle in real time from the one platform.
  • Schedule jobs for complex projects automatically.
  • Use IBM Maximo across various industries such as Utilities, Oil and Gas, Nuclear Power, Transportation etc…
  • Get valuable insights related to the health of each asset.

Read more about IBM Maximo.

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