Looking for an asset management solution? Check out Loc8 Enterprise

Loc8 integrates with Microsoft Dynamics

Reinforce your business operations with Loc8’s powerful CRM and ERP tools.

Loc8 and Microsoft Dynamics integration for a full business solution
Control your operations directly from Loc8; all your jobs, workflows, staff and assets all in the one system. Get accurate business insights and drive your company to growth and success. For large corporations with specific asset management requirement, Loc8 allows to create intuitive asset structures related to physical assets. All the information about assets can then be collected, shared and analysed safely and in real-time.

Loc8 software microsoft dynamics intgeration
What is Microsoft Dynamics?

Microsoft Dynamics is the combination of both a powerful CRM and an intuitive ERP.

  • Modern cloud business intelligence application for Sales, Service, Finance & Operations, Talent and Marketing.
  • Know your customers, anticipate their needs and increase loyalty.
  • With Microsoft Dynamics, users can organise proactive maintenance and predictive scheduling.
  • Drive growth and modernise your business operations.

More info about Microsoft Dynamics.

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