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Loc8 to MYOB Integration

Loc8 integrates with MYOB

Connect Loc8 and MYOB to create an ecosystem where invoices automatically sync, speeding up your payment process!

Get your jobs invoiced faster, increase your cash flow with greater insight into invoice status, and ultimately get paid faster with the MYOB integration!

MYOB Integration

Check out what this powerful integration can do...

  • Synchronise MYOB’s Customers to Loc8 – Any existing contacts or newly created contacts in MYOB with the contact type of “Customer” will be synchronised to Loc8 if the option is turned on.
  • Synchronise Loc8’s Customers to MYOB – Any existing customers or newly created customers will be synchronised to MYOB if this option is turned on.
  • Synchronise Loc8’s invoices and updates from MYOB – Sync all of the tax rate from MYOB into Loc8, as it is required during invoice creation into MYOB. Loc8 invoices will sync to MYOB upon setting the invoice to the status of “Pending Payment” and the invoice will be managed by MYOB and sync back the updates.
  • Synchronise inventories between Loc8 and MYOB – Sync all of the tax rate from MYOB into Loc8, as it is required during MYOB Item creation. Synchronise item between Loc8’s Inventory and MYOB Sales Item. MYOB also require COA and tax code information per Item. In the other hand, each Loc8 inventory require a Category, user have to select a default Loc8’s Category in the integration’s homepage to use when creating a new MYOB item.
  • Notifications – User will be notified through email when there is any error occurs during the polling of synchronising process. The email is set by default according to the tenant’s email.
  • History – With this page the user is able to clearly see their synchronisation actions including errors occurs during the process. From configurations selection to any entities creations, updates and deletions are also recorded in this actions log. User is also able to filter the action logs by dates and a general search of descriptions.

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