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Loc8 system integrates with Oracle

Oracle Integration with Loc8

Be highly competitive with Loc8’s dedicated data-based management system tools.

Loc8 and Oracle integrate for greater operational visibility
In a highly competitive and fast-moving environment, businesses are required to always be one step ahead of their operations. Being able to analyse and anticipate trends is what Loc8 allows its users to do. With a good understanding of your customers and a close monitoring of your products, services and assets, your business operations can make the difference.

Oracle Integration with Loc8

What is Oracle?

Oracle is software for information management, relational database and cloud products & services.

  • Leverage the power of data and business intelligence to make your operations highly competitive.
  • Oracle allows you to manage Human Capital, Resource, Customer Experience, Supply Chain and Performance.
  • With Oracle database, easily store and retrieve important information.
  • Safely store your all your data into separate logical and physical database structures.

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