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David Hodges

Loc8 David Hodges

David Hodges is the Founder and Managing Director of Loc8. He has worked in the technology and software industry for 25 years with a background in networking, infrastructure, expertise and qualifications in project management and service operations.

David is focused on innovation and technology that benefits process management, field service, customer service improvement and automation. He believes in making technology decisions based on measurable outcomes, commercial benefits and most importantly social and community benefits. David spends his time working to progress that agenda in his personal and professional life.

Founding Smartpath in 2004 and then Loc8 in 2011, David has brought together a talented group of professionals to create the dynamic business that Loc8 is today.

“As a start-up Cloud business, we were driven to offer a true solution for businesses eager to improve customer service, automate process and reduce administration” says Hodges.

From these humble beginnings, Loc8 has grown into an industry leading platform used by some of Australia’s largest organisations and thousands of small trade-based organisations.

Along with his “day job” at Loc8 David is involved in a number of community and social enterprises as well as some, not so tech focused, rural activities in his home town in North East Victoria.

Website: www.loc8.com
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